Trading in Games, Is It Worth It?

Despite the popularity of trading in used games against the purchase of new ones on the High Street, online games firm Hitflip has claimed that gamers are facing up to a 50 per cent loss on titles each time they do so.

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INehalemEXI3529d ago

Some games are dissapointing enough that its still worth it to trade despite a 50% loss or more a little credit will add up eventually.

Feihc Retsam3529d ago

I never trade in games...
Gamestop is just the middle man taking their cut...

If your game is in good condition, put it up on eBay for $5-10 more than Gamestop was going to give you for it.

You will get more for your game, and the person who buys it will certainly get it for less than they would have if they bought it used from Gamestop.

Gamestop wanted to give me $15 for Oblivion (xbox 360)
They are selling it for $39 used...

I sold it on ebay for $29...

I got $14 more than I would have, and the buyer got it for $10 less than they would have.

socsca3529d ago

Completely agree with Feihc Retsam, good good advice. Do what he says, it may seem like just a couple of $ but its worth it, fk the retailers screwing us over.

joydestroy3529d ago

the best way to get rid of used games for a fair price to everyone is to list them on ebay or

i'd NEVER trade them in to a game store like gamestop. that's just idiotic.

DiLeCtioN3529d ago

consumers are being ripped off. i mean ghost recon advance warfighter 2 is £49.99 in GAME and Woolworths (U.K shops)i tried trading it in at GAME and the woman tells me i get £20, for me i think its a rip off man. Maybe if the game was a bit scrathed they can take a bit of money off but not when its almost a fresh copy.

mighty_douche3529d ago

im a PC generally so i still find console games pretty pricey. but here in the UK ps3 trading is good, i traded in Heavenly Sword (dont worry i completed it over and over) for CoD4 and i got £30, so CoD cost me £10. not bad : ) thats about a 25p an hour so far.

DiLeCtioN3529d ago

you got £30 for cod4 eh? what shop is this m8 cus the only shop i get a good deals is a friday store at my local market. everywhere else is a rip off especially GAME

mighty_douche3529d ago

they actually gave me £30 for heavenly sword against CoD4.

MKK20043529d ago

I don't know about you guys, but at EBgames Canada, we have a trade-in policy of able to trade in 3 games that each have a value of $8 or more for a BRAND NEW game. I traded in 3 PSP games that I don't play anymore for a brand new PS3 Uncharted:Drake's fortune of a value of $60.

INehalemEXI3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Good deal ! Yah i see that type of deal on US ebgames site too but its only like trade 3 games get 10% off a new game or something here.

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The story is too old to be commented.