10 blockbusters that clearly influenced Uncharted 3 @ Games Radar

We put Drake's Deception under a film fan’s microscope

The Uncharted series prides itself on cinematic presentation and blistering, blockbuster-style action, with a mix of story and spectacle going on that’s normally reserved for the silver screen. Several directors have toyed with adapting the series to film, but whatever Hollywood may give us, the authentic Nathan Drake experience will always remain on PlayStation 3.

Still, Holywood’s influence is all over Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. And while the series has always been a sort of Raiders of the Lost Ark/Da Vinci Code mashup, a few more films come to mind now that we've all got our hands on the third game...

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NukaCola2594d ago

The Memes I could make from these screen

Laxman2594d ago

Care to make one for us now?

Urmomlol2594d ago

Titanic clearly influenced the entire ocean liner sequence

Oldman1002593d ago

I'd say The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and Poseidon (2006) had a greater influence.