Why The Wii U Will Have the Best Launch in Video Game History

Nintendo has found themselves in a bit of a quandary as of late. The announcement of the Nintendo 3DS price drop, no localizations of stunning Japanese RPG’s (as of this writing) and even public apology letters written to the gamers has made Nintendo the center of attention in the video game world as of late. With the Wii U not launching until next year, Myvideogamenews have come up with a top 5 list of why we think Nintendo’s next home console will have the best launch ever.

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2568d ago
360ICE2568d ago

1. Will be a lot of remakes of already existing games. (Arkham City and such)
2. Yeah, lesson learned, but does this mean they what it takes to make it right?
3. "No price point details have been given thus far" Yeah, yeah. Your speculation is real interesting and all.
4. Hardly... and "I would love the ability to play a home console game right in the palm of my hands" are you joking?
5. Yeah, finally. Welcome to the 2000's Nintendo. You've finally joined the ranks of the first Xbox

Sorry if I sound negative but this list doesn't really get me hyped. Here's what you could've said for PS3.

1. Biggest launch line-up ever
2. Most powerful console on the market
3. Successor to two incredibly successful consoles
4. Introduces Blu-Ray
5. Introduces Cell technology.

And still the release wasn't all THAT fantastic. Good luck Nintendo

Shackdaddy8362568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

PS3 did not have a good launch line-up.

And what's up with that "joined the ranks of the first xbox" comment. You realize that wiiu will be the first console which will output true 1080p, right?

Titanz2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Now I know their hatred stems from pure hate, and envy.

Imalwaysright2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

"PS3 did not have a good launch line-up. " Here in Europe it was probably the best launch lineup ever for a console.

Shackdaddy8362568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

^ Maybe in Europe but here in the US it was criticized for a bad lineup compared to how much it cost at the time.

v Not many. There's like 10 for PS3 and 3 for 360 the whole 3 years this gen.

Skip_Bayless2568d ago

True 1080p on consoles has been done. Many examples of that.. look it up. Just that for "every game" on WiiU is gonna be 1080p

I'm boycotting Nintendo products from now on. They make me very angry for wasting so much money on the system and accessories, and I never play them.

Bolts2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Either you can do PC style 1080p native with CoD 3, BF 3, Skyrim, Madden etc etc or GTFO. It shouldn't be in "some games" and in "some scenes". It should be a standard base feature.

madjedi2568d ago

@Titanz "I thought people hated Nintendo because the Wii isn't an HD system. Now I know their hatred stems from pure hate, and envy."

Lol envy nintendo only in the minds of you fanatics, basically nintendo games aren't appealing to alot of gamers. They are stuck in the 90's and haven't evolved significantly in years, you guys like them fine. I'd rather play a game that hasn't been rehashed 20 times, repeatedly ad nausea.

360ICE2568d ago

Yes, that was my point. Bragging and launching are not the same thing.

Also, I meant Joined the ranks of the first Xbox as in Wii U having an acceptable online offer.

And you do realize that they said the same 1080p thing with the PS3 right? Overall my point is: Wii U is promising things that has been promised before.

Muffins12232568d ago

No shit,do you know how badly the next xbox and ps4 are gonna dominate this???Wiiu of course will be better than old generations i mean,ps3 is almost 6 years older than the wiiu and will be 7 when it comes out!I feel like Nintendo is very cheap in hardware....

ChickeyCantor2568d ago

"And you do realize that they said the same 1080p thing with the PS3 right? Overall my point is: Wii U is promising things that has been promised before."

I don't think sony or MS had fully realized that games of today would consume such power that 1080p would be out of the question for lots of games.

When you look back at their first games they just looked like xbox-1 and Ps2 ports with higher resolution and better textures.

Now we are 6 years ahead of that, I see no reason why Nintendo didn't make sure the games of today are capable of being rendered in 1080p on their console.

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cpayne932568d ago

This is really too early, we still barely know anything about it price and gamewise.

raytraceme2568d ago

I think the ps vita will have the best launch in history. The launch games that support the vita are just amazing.

Venox20082568d ago

3DS had "great" launch predicted before it was released too.. so anything can happen

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