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Don't believe the hype: Super Mario Galaxy is not that great (7/10)

CNET writes:

"Now, it should be noted that I have played each and every Super Mario game dating back to Super Mario Bros. and have always been a fan of the series. In fact, to this day, I still consider Super Mario Sunshine to be one of the better games in the Mario franchise. Further, Super Mario 64 was simply a marvel of its time and easily one of the best experiences I've ever had in gaming.

But after playing Super Mario Galaxy for the past week, I simply don't get all the hype surrounding the game. Is it a good game? Sure. Is it a great game? No." (Super Mario Galaxy, Wii)
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Danja  +   2806d ago
"Is it a good game? Sure. Is it a great game? No."

Umm...but of course it's a Mario game so reviewers have a lil soft spot for the lil plumber guy...

UNCHARTED is great game which isn't getting the hype ..it deserves..!!
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malingenie  +   2806d ago
I have to agree. I see the videos of SMG, I don't get it. I would buy it if I have a Wii, it just doesn't look ?groundbreaking?
ReBurn  +   2805d ago
It is a great game that is very well executed. I like Uncharted. It's a good game. I think that it is some of the best that the PS3 has to offer. But I think that SMG is a better game overall.
unsunghero28  +   2805d ago
Dear God.
Oh come on. Everyone around here claims CNet is biased because they're owned by Microsoft and then when they diss a Wii game it's "what I was expecting from day one." I hate to pull the bias card, but come on, people. This isn't even a legit review, just some guy's opinion, but of course the folks at N4G manage to pass it off as fact.

This is an amazing platformer and anyone who disagrees quite simply has not played it or just doesn't appreciate good platformers. It makes me sick that so many people around here would take such joy in a bad review, but it isn't exactly the first time.

Let's face it; N4G isn't about what is new and exciting anymore. It's about why things aren't new and exciting. All of the time that some of you guys spend ranting, and it's a wonder you've actually found the time to play anything.

Anyone feel free to disagree. Meanwhile, I'll go back to playing my favorite of the generation. Guess what it is?

Also, @ 1:
Don't compare Galaxy to Uncharted. You're just inviting a flamewar.
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InMyOpinion  +   2805d ago
If it's not on the Playstation, it ain't good.
the worst  +   2806d ago
i said this on day one
over hyped
TheMART  +   2805d ago
Well I said on day one the PS3 is overhyped, but you still are in denial.
cmrbe  +   2805d ago
Coming from someone that dosen't have a PS3 you don't make a good case. This article has nothing to do with PS3 or X360 and yet you still managed to talk carp about the PS3. I have a PS3 and i can honestly say it has lived up to my expectations and more.
PS3 Limps on and on  +   2806d ago
I don't believe the hype.
You think I'm stupid? This is a little last generation platformer.

Reviews always tend to overhyped some games.
unsunghero28  +   2805d ago
Now that you've called Galaxy a last-gen platformer....

Yeah, I think you're stupid.
Xi  +   2806d ago
I was honestly disappointed
it felt like I was playing mario sunshine, just 5 years later and in space. The other problem is that the game is SOOOOO easy, you can easily get 3 or 4 lives just from the starting area alone, and they reset everytime you enter or exit something. I have some 40 lives right now.

Yes it's a good game, no it's not as good as people are saying.
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Feihc Retsam  +   2806d ago
SO true....!!!
Why even have "lives" if you get reset to the galaxy map when you die anyhow? It's so unnecessary! THere is no threat of failure in this game. Even back in Mario 64, if you died, you lost some serious progress.
SMG just lets you walk right through the game. I haven't finished the game yet, but I don't see it getting too hard.
Maddens Raiders  +   2806d ago
You guys are in trouble -
just wait 'til Sidar gets here.

U R Mr. Gay < Next-Gen
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2806d ago
Oh great another "LOL THIS GAME IS TOO POPULAR AND GOOD SO WE HAVE TO GIVE IT A LOW SCORE SO PEOPLE WILL PAY ATTENTION TO US!" score. Piss off CNET i'm enjoying every bit of it and your lame review won't stop me or anyone else. (except idiot fanboy haters)
Darkiewonder  +   2806d ago
and if a game happens to get a low score
then the reviewer or site shouuld "piss off" all together. face it, it was bound to happen.
monkey602  +   2806d ago
I havent bought into the hype but I might get this because there is little else to play on the wii.
razer  +   2806d ago
Don't say that too loud.
a Wii fanboy might hit you with his purse.
Feihc Retsam  +   2806d ago
You may get hit with a rogue Wii-mote that has flung free of its wrist strap!
ReBurn  +   2805d ago
There hasn't been a lot to play on the Wii yet. This is one of the better titles out there, so it is worth a purchase.

What I find sad is that pretty much the only games worth having are those created by Nintendo.
Boink  +   2806d ago
I agree
I have not enjoyed a mario game since super mario 3. the flying raccoon mario was the height of his career...
Xi  +   2806d ago
that really was the best mario, they should really go back to those 2d games.
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2806d ago
Well if you have played Mario Galaxy they have brought back themes from Mario 3 such as the flying ships and remixed music. Also the game has 2D parts and they work really nice.

Oh wow I got a disagree for this? This site is ridiculous.
lol 5 dissagree's this really is getting pathetic.
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kidrobot  +   2805d ago
^^^ @ Boink ^^^
I Never Tought I'll Be Sayin This [LOL] But I Couldn't Agree More With You, Since The Racoon Mario, Mario Hasn't Been Sh!t For Real! I MISS MY RACOON MARIO NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHUCK LITTLE KIDS, WHERE ARE THE GAMES FOR HARDCORE GAMERS!!!???

PS: UNCHARTED: Drakes Fortune [a.k.a. G.O.T.Y.] Hasn't Received The Attention It Deserves!!!
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InMyOpinion  +   2805d ago
IMO Super Mario World was the best Mario game.
scarlett_rg  +   2806d ago
This game is the sweets
If you're ever in the mood for some fun, this is the game to be playing!

If all you're into is tallying up headshots with your sniper rifle, then don't play this.

Fun, yes.

Headshots, no.

If you're a gamer, you'll play this game and love it!
Xi  +   2806d ago
so I'm not a gamer?
I have it, it was fun, for the first galaxy.

Can someone explain to me why this is such a great game, what makes it better than sunshine? The camera's finicky and it can give you vertigo, and with the little to no challenge the game gets boring quick.

sometimes counting headshots can be just as fun as collecting stars.
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Xi  +   2806d ago
double post
scarlett_rg  +   2806d ago
For anyone who wants to know the difference between Galaxy and Sunshine... go see Beowulf in IMAX 3D, then go see it on a regular screen.

Mario Galaxy is Beowulf in IMAX 3D.

Mario Sunshine is Beowulf on a normal screen (actually make that the Swedish made "Beowulf and Grendel" from 2005)... since the 2 games are so totally different, it's not quite right to make a comparison using the same movie.

If you do this, you'll understand. But to put it simply, it's just a whole new level of enjoyment, and it's like nothing you've ever experienced before. That's why Mario Galaxy is so great. And just like Beowulf in IMAX 3D... even the not-so-good parts are visually stunning and completely enjoyable!
FadeToBlack  +   2805d ago
Im sorry but I have to say, the wii is not capable of anything that is "visually stunning". I have super mario galaxy and am enjoying the game but its really nothing special. If you want to see something visually stunning, check out Uncharted or Mass Effect.
superman  +   2806d ago
Gen16Snes dude you got it right. Everyone saying it isnt a great game just wants attention. You fanboys deny it or not, this is a great game. What the hell does c-net know. Also ive been looking at some of his articles. He majorly writes anti-nintendo. And Danja , i have uncharted and while its great, its nothing new. If it was as great as you think it would have sold a lot more than it did. Stop being a fanboy.
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Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2806d ago
I say that because there is nothing freakin wrong with the game at all but he just complains about harmless things that hardly effect the game.

1st. He complains about the graphics, guess what Mario games are not about graphics but about fun.
2nd. "shake the Wii-mote" Awww Boo Hoo you have to use a little movement to do 1 certain attack move. Suck it up it's not that hard to do.
3rd. The story? Wtf do you want it's Mario... If you want story go play an rpg game or something.
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DrPirate  +   2806d ago
@ 10.1

Exactly man. There's nothing wrong with the game at all. Those that like platformers and Mario games will get a kick out of this.

Don't buy this game expecting a balls out action game complete with car chase and rocket launchers.Common sense... He underrated it because he just didn't like the genre. How Aaron Thomas under rated Ratchet, how everyone underrated God of War 2 :|.
Xi  +   2806d ago
so wait.

games aren't about the story, graphics, or controls and gameplay. THEN WHAT ARE GAMES ABOUT?

sorry, but if we aren't counting story, graphics and controls, then all games should be getting 8's or 9's.

The fact is that mario is fun for the first 2 hours after you get over the initial control/camera problems and vertigo. But after those 2 or so hours it gets pretty repetative. With the 3 free lives you get right in the starting area all challenge is gone, not to mention you're guided through every level with an assortment of stars and coins to pick up.

For some people, choice, story and challenge make a game fun, and mario doesn't deliver on that. It's a one trick poney, and the gameplay is the same as every other 3d mario game, this game delivers nothing new, nothing different and really nothing special.

Maybe I'm one of those gamers that require developers to really push what games can be and Mario galaxy is really nothing above average, and is nothing more than mario sunshine with a fresh paint of coat. He's completely valid in saying what he's saying. If we expect less from our games, we're going to get less look at madden.

btw, I'm currently working on the kitchen galaxy, so the 3rd one or what ever, just unlocked the library and watched that awful story telling thing. So yes I have played the game, I can without any regret say the the game is not deserving of the 9-10 it's been getting.

It's only fun with a friend to mess you up and make you jump and spin and die.

edit 10.6
What's with this double standard for mario games?
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Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2806d ago
Holy @#$% you are right Superman! This is the same guy who has been writing anti-Nintendo stuff. Just look at this stuff http://blogs.cnet.com/8301-...

Though it's not just Nintendo I think he hates games period

And he has to write this for pissing off everyone and getting hate comments for his articles.
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Shankle  +   2806d ago
Oh come on don't try to deny that reviewers are looking at SMG with rose tinted spectacles on. IGN gave it the same score for graphics as ratchet. Generally people are now reviewing games based on what they think the consoles should deliver, not on how good the games are. If SMG was released on the PS3 with a ps3 compatible wiimote, it would undoubtedly get a lower score. Look at uncharted. People can find very little wrong with it at all, and yet it can't even muster an average score of 90. On the other hand, mario has been recieving 10s and even an 11, despite its vastly inferior graphics and storyline. I know those aren't the important things in mario, but a 10 game should excel in every aspect.
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2806d ago
You see that's the thing, Mario doesn't need graphics or story to be good compared to other games.

As for Uncharted I'd like to see someone say that they like throwing grenades using the sixaxis, so pointless, annoying to do and not needed. Not to completely diss it as i'm getting it for X-mas due to enjoying the demo, but come on after playing the demo Sony fans have no room to talk about how the Wii uses "gimmicks", and neither should this reviewer when it's so easy to do "spin attack" compared to throwing grenades in Uncharted, and any other pointless sixaxis things you do in that game. But realize this, even with these "gimmicks" they are still great games that should not be ignored because of them.

Is that so? Well that's good but I still fail to see why they even added it in the first place. Probally just for show to impress people.
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khellendros1  +   2806d ago
um... you don't have to use the Sixaxis to throw grenades. It's just an option.
Shankle  +   2805d ago
Well I for one, having not played lair, have enjoyed almost all of the motion sensing features in games. They just add to the game. I don't care how gimmicky or tacked on they might appear, they almost always work very well.

In ratchet and clank, there is a tornado launcher, and you can control the movements of this tornado with the sixaxis. Now this would feel very gimmicky if it didn't then provide freedom for ratchet to move around freely while you control the tornado. This would be impossible without the motion sensing. The game also contains sequences where ratchet flies with a pair of glider wings. The motion controls are very responsive here and it feels intuitive and it also reflects the fact that ratchet is using his body to control his direction of flight.
In call of duty 3 you perform melee attacks by swinging the controller forwards. This works great, and I desperately want other FPSs to adopt it.
In locoroco you have loads of mechanisms which you control very easily with the sixaxis in a variety of different ways.
Of course Warhawk has a very good implementation of motion sensing in the flying, and although I don't use them myself, my friends all enjoy them. Unfortunately, although using the sixaxis to fly is more fun, it is also more difficult. But the key thing is that they are optional.

I think the grenade throwing works great in uncharted. I can throw grenades quickly and accurately. And anyway why should you complain if as khellendros1 pointed out, you can turn them off?
squallsoft  +   2806d ago
CrazzyMan  +   2806d ago
This game is great, if you decided to think in that way.
This game is NOT great, if you decided to think in that way.

it`s only a matter of thinking. =))
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EZCheez  +   2806d ago
I'm going to learn from the past here
And not judge a game based on a review. I haven't played it, but I am going to believe the people here that have and say the game is great. Besides, it wasn't that long ago when I was making the same argument for Uncharted.


Anyone else have the new Game Informer? It shows GT5 Prologue coming out on Dec. 13 with Home functionality. Not just functionality, but it's own icon within the game to access it. Now this isn't anything that eye-opening, but I do believe we will all be participating in the Home beta before Christmas.
Maddens Raiders  +   2806d ago
Yeah -
the more we get closer to this (((magical))) Nov. 29th date the more I'm hearing about all of these HOME beta hints. Haven't seen the GI yet, but I know you're right and *hope it's true. If it is, it will make this great Fall run that the triple is on now, even better.
Gamingisfornerds  +   2806d ago
I too get the feeling that Nostalgia plays a part in these reviews.
People tend to get carried away easily with franchises that they are, in a way emotionally attached to.

Then again, perhaps if a game recaptures the essence of the game we all loved back in the day and provides that pleasant nostalgic feeling with a unique fresh perspective, maybe it does justify all these great scores, even if it isn't 'technically' all that great.
ItsDubC  +   2806d ago
Just wondering, how many of you who say the game isn't great have actually spent a decent amount of time playing it?

And if you feel the game isn't that great, did you already have that opinion before even playing it?
PS360WII  +   2806d ago
umm wait
"I still consider Super Mario Sunshine to be one of the better games in the Mario franchise"

and you guys are still listening to him? Oh wait you just read the titled and commented...

Like Gen16 said attention seeker. His arguments are all moot points.
DaEnforcer  +   2806d ago
It's me, Mario
Marceles  +   2806d ago
Mario Galaxy's level design is amazing. This reviewer is trippin'..and I hate reviewers who try to prove their track record by saying they've played every game so their opinion is valid. Mario Galaxy is a "great game". The first Bowser fight in this game was the best I've ever played. It reminded me of SMB3 where you have to dodge Bowser from stomping on you, followed by hitting Bowser in the back with your spin move (which kinda reminded me of Super Mario 64)...this guy is just one of those "I'll be cool if I sound different" kind of reviewers.
#18 (Edited 2806d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Gamingisfornerds  +   2806d ago
Or maybe he just has a different opinion than some of the other reviewers and sincerely feels that way.
It's possible, you know. I know that what you state probably does happen as well, but what also often happens is that when a reviewer expresses his own opinion which doesn't coinside with the fanboys of that certain game/console, he all of a sudden becomes an attention whore who doesn't know what he's talking about.

You could say that it's probably safer for a reviewer to go with the moot. Atleast people won't discard his reviews and stop reading his reviews after being refered to as unreliable and full of sh*t.

Just another perspective on this matter. ;)
Marceles  +   2806d ago
Well yeah that's true, this review is purely opinion and preference too. He really lets the game have it though and sounds like he wants people to miss out on it. It also sounds like he's saying that between Sunshine, Mario 64, and Galaxy: Galaxy is the weaker of the bunch which is insane. Sunshine was good, but not as polished as Galaxy is. Not to mention, the different perspective you have when playing the game. You're not just going to fall off a simple ledge anymore. Here's another quote that summed up his review to me:

"But perhaps this is an issue that plagues the Wii more than this game itself. Is it possible that Wii-mote interaction is difficult and it only really works on mini-games and sports titles? Now that I've played Super Mario Galaxy, I certainly believe so."

Mario Galaxy proves if anything, that this isn't true. He just enjoys his regular controller and playing it old school, but he totally bashes the game for being different and in his opinion, not a huge leap from Sunshine to Galaxy. Maybe if there was a 4-way-to-play option like Smash Bros Brawl then he would like it more, but he's not buying into the Wii fad...I guess.
Gamingisfornerds  +   2806d ago
Yeah, he does sound pretty sour indeed.
Maybe he's disappointed in that it didn't turn out to be what he had hoped for.

Where fans of the series tend to get a bit carried away when the game turns out to be good, and get so excited that they'll perhaps be a bit too generous in the rating, the same applies when you're really disappointed in a game. You tend to be harsher with your judgement in those certain area's that didn't meet your expectations and that might be the case with this reviewer.

Also, different people put more weight on certain aspects of a game than others. For instance, I nearly always completely agree with the Gametrailers.com reviews. Nearly everything they mention could've been my own thoughts exactly. But more than often I'd give the game a much higher or lower score than them. Sometimes the difference in rating will be 1.5 points on a scale of 10. Even though I agree with all what has been said.

I guess my point is that even though you don't agree with the reviewers point of view or score, it's no reason to disregard the review entirely. He might still provide some interesting arguments that can help you on your decision whether o not to buy a game. A reviewer, to me, is mearly a source of information. If you read a few reviews, a few different views on the game, it can give you a better perspective on the game to base your decision on.

Btw, bubble for your open minded reply. That's quite refreshing I must say. ;)
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BIoodmask  +   2806d ago
The people who hate on Nintendo...
for the most part hate on every game that is not produced by "their" favorite 1st party developer. Mario Galaxy is a great game, and The Mario franchise has always been a great series in general.

All the hate towards Nintendo really is funny sometimes, they are one of the reasons consoles are still even around today.
gEnKiE  +   2806d ago
I love this game! Who actually reads articles from CNet anyways?
PMR_21  +   2805d ago
mom does
littletad  +   2806d ago
I hope he replies to my comment
I'd love to see what he writes in his defense.
desolationstorm  +   2806d ago
I have to disagree with the reviewer. I will agree with graphics to an extent but I really have no complaint about them. The art style is nice and it is colorful. Everything looks smooth and its not like anything is blocky or ugly I simply dont get people calling it ugly. Is it next gen no but it is far from ugly. Witht hat said Im having a blast some if not a lot of parts are easy that I will admit but they are all still fun and entertaining.

I really really like the suvvival stars where you beat the boss without getting hit once. To people that complain that its to easy if it were made much harder wouldnt encourage poeple to try it out. Not to mention I feel that nintendo does such a supurb job with controls that they make it easier for you.

Anyway I am loving the game the differnt suits are pure fun. Easily up there with my GOTY pick Portal for great games of the year.
ChickeyCantor  +   2806d ago
the game is fun, and what hype?
i love it!
who cares what others think its your opinion that matters, to your self that is.

" dont believe the hype"
like so many other games?
....even assasins creed got some below 80%....

but does it really matter?
its your opinion that matters. not someone elses.

galaxy is great, i was scared it would dissapoint, but it didnt.
Lex Luthor  +   2806d ago
when is smash bros comming out?
unsunghero28  +   2805d ago
You got disagrees for that?

Assuming that was your original comment, I'm going to give you a bubble.
Maestro  +   2806d ago
I lawl
In other interesting news, 3 new Super Mario Galaxy reviews got published today:

NTSC-uk: 10/10
Extreme Gamer: 9.9/10
IC-games: 9.9/10

I wonder why those N4G c0cksuckers don't publish those news? Sorry haters, Super Mario Galaxy is the best rated game of the decade and you can't do anything to change that.

============================= =============================== ======
Super Mario Galaxy > PS3 software, Xbox 360 software, PS2 Software, Xbox Software, GC Software, PC software, NDS software, PSP software, PS1 software.
============================= =============================== =======

Gotcha kiddos?
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Tyrael  +   2806d ago
I know this has nothing to do with this thread specifically but SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE SUCKED!!!!!!!!
Ares84  +   2806d ago
SMG is THE most overhyped game of the year followed up by Halo 3
It's a fact. I played both and while both ar good games they do not deserve the scores they got. Well to be honest Halo 3 is a better game than SMG but maybe that's just me. Mario will always get good score just because it's mario....I know how it is I played it and no fence but I won't be buying a Wii for that game or any game it has.
To me the Wii is the worst console that was ever created...it's not for gamers...it's for casuals who know nothing about games at all and will enjoy 200 minigames.
TheMART  +   2805d ago
Uhm I would clearly put Lair as the most overhyped game of 2007

Said to be a killer app

Scoring an average of 5 out of 10 average reviews on Metacritic or so

Which reminds me... All so called killer apps of the PS3 have been overhyped.
Maestro  +   2806d ago
Ohhhhh, the little PSboy is pissed because his poor machine doesn't get games of that quality. Go play Lair dude.
felidae  +   2806d ago

this is one of the worst reviews i've ever read.

this guy has a) never played the whole game or b) no brain.

well ... or c) the wrong job.
Ares84  +   2806d ago
Worst review because it's telling the truth and sees Mario as it is.....yea ok!
cheetorb  +   2806d ago
I bought a WII and it was good
I was able to play the couple good games it has, realize it's a fad, let it collect dust and then sell it for what I bought it and now own a PS3. Just wish I had bought Nintendo stock before they suckered everyone into thinking waving your arms at the tv was cool.
Ares84  +   2806d ago
True gamers....
...like yourself is hard to find these days!
Rooftrellen  +   2805d ago
Well, I don't think leaning to control a character like all of our moms and dads tried to do at one point wasn't cool either.

Of course, they didn't have to do that any more than you have to flail your arms to play the Wii...though they were smart enough to do something that wasn't going to hurt their game, while swinging your arms around will certainly make the game harder for you.
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