BD Pounds HD-DVD In Year Sales To Date. Leads 2 To 1 According To Nielsen

Home Media Magazine has published the year to date sales according to Nielsen leading up to Nov 11th, 2007.

On page one you have the pie chart showing the year to date High Def Market Share. BD Leads HD-DVD 66:34.

One Page 11, you have the ratios of the best selling titles so far in the High Def Market. Again, the ratios work by seeing what is the top selling title and then the others are relative to that. So if the number one spot sold X number of copies then second spot sold X times the percentage ratio of second place.

1. 300 BD - 100.00
2. Transformers HD-DVD - 67.57
3. 300 HD-DVD - 52.84
4. Casino Royale BD - 51.83
5. The Departed BD - 33.79
6. POTC:DMC BD - 33.68
7. Planet Earth HD-DVD - 30.71
8. POTC:COBP BD - 29.79
9. Planet Earth BD - 29.19
10. Apocalypto BD - 26.70

First glance shows 7 BD titles in top ten versus 3 HD-DVD titles. 300 was the highest selling aggregate title. Transformers being an HD-DVD exclusive clearly has had an affect. What is surprising is the small ratio difference between planet earth hd-dvd and bd. Previously it was believed to be selling much higher on hd-dvd.

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GIJeff3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Blu-Ray is better and not all people are retarded like people who like HD-DVD. In fact, i will go as far as saying people who support HDDVD are worse than retarded. Even a retard would pick more of something(in this case, space) then less. Dont believe me? give a retard a choice between 1 scoop of ice cream and 2 scoops. Im pretty sure he/she will pick the 2 scoops. HDDVD people are basically empty people shells with no brain matter what so ever. This is not my opinion, but a fact.

good god you people are serious....
how the hell is hddvd the same as blue ray? the shape of the disk?

@MvC If i was selling turdsicles as ice cream for 5 cents would you buy it instead of real ice cream because "its a good deal"?

LOL @ everybody
I think im breaking the record for disagrees/minute. good work team retard.

and razor, lifes a journey, take short cuts.

I never said i didnt like retards. gosh.

EZCheez3830d ago

That's exactly how to make sure no one will ever take anything you say seriously ever again.

Blu-Ray is not better, it just sells better. There's nothing wrong with keeping it that simple. There's nothing wrong with supporting the format either, but it can be done with intelligent conversation and actual points too rather than using examples of "retards and ice cream."

hitthegspot3830d ago

And comments like that display why you have 9 bubbles. Well said..

razer3830d ago

you stupid at birth or did it take awhile to grow into it?

blackmagic3830d ago

Way to add some depth to the site, GIJeff. Maybe next time you can make some mud pies too.

marinelife93830d ago

As far as putting on a hi-def show both formats are equally impressive the picture quality is tremendous.

marinelife93830d ago

I'd be interested to see the numbers in Japan and Europe.

marinelife93830d ago

Those 600,000 or so HD-DVD owners are buying up some movies! I applaud their efforts and I'm sure Toshiba and Universal appreciate it.

Kholinar3830d ago

"Even a retard would pick more of something(in this case, space) then less. Dont believe me? give a retard a choice between 1 scoop of ice cream and 2 scoops. Im pretty sure he/she will pick the 2 scoops."

Great metaphor.

So he'll still pick the 2 scoops at four times the price? Yeah, I suppose some people would do that.

Of course, a lot of people have some restraint and pay for what they're hungry for instead of being wasteful. Some can control their impulses enough to avoid paying a premium for a modest increase.

Seriously, I don't support a winner in this war, but that was about the worst metaphor I can imagine on this subject and it throws a third grade lack of sensitivity to people who are different than you in the same breath.

Developmentally disabled people may make some mistakes and may not be as smart as you, but thankfully they're generally a whole lot more considerate and forgiving.

Lex Luthor3830d ago

take this idiots bubbles please.

speakthetruth3830d ago

HD-DVD sucks? Back that up dumb sh*t! You Suck big blu-man group ballz.

Keep telling yourself itself its 2 to 1, and you'll just keep lying to yourself.

What is the sales advantage, since the HD-DVD player price drop?

You guys are sooo stupid, its funny.

2 to 1 for the year? Maybe close to that.

I wonder what those numbers are for the quarter? Researh that, Because I know it isn't 2 to 1. You keep spinning, but your getting nowhere. Why don't you just look back at this when HD-DVD starts pounding blu's ass, and after warner goes HD-DVD exclusive. Will you still want to live?

again, stop spinning the fact because you only convice yourself.

HD-DVD has the #1 selling title on AMAZON (Planet Earth). The pounding has just begun, blu-boyz. Oh yeah ESAD.

Mikey_Gee3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

That speaks volumes about the type of empty heads floating around N4G

I mean why would anyone agree with this grade 4 approach at a comment. If have a debate you want to air, try to do it with a, how should I put it .... adult and intelligent approach rather than grade school rambling.

But man oh man .. 15 agrees .

15 backers on this guys approach. I don't even look at the content in this case .. just the approach.

This really makes me question why the f'k I even come to this place.

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Juneyp153830d ago

If you think about it these are extremely low numbers for both... sure BD is winning and i Do Blu all the way but after being on the market for a year and having the PS3 install base buying BD's i dont see DVD's going anywhere if this is how many people buying BD's

GIJeff3830d ago

The same was said about color TV as well.

pornflakes3830d ago

wow.. hd dvd is doing well if we look that only PS3 users buy blu ray movies , lol

The casual consumer doesn't even know what blu ray means.. this could also be a washking machine.

HD-DVD ftw.

GIJeff3830d ago

speak of the retarded devil....

TheXgamerLive3830d ago

When the link is clicked it only shows an ad for a movie, this needs fixed if there was such a link to show.

blackmagic3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

That's the first page to Home Media Magazine. There are navigation buttons at the top. This magazine is God at AVS forums.

Daytona3830d ago

I hate this site, a god you say, that's a joke.

robep33830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

The HD-DVD camp claim that hardly any PS3 users know it plays dvd's & Blu-ray yet YOU CLAIM its because of PS3 BD'S sell better I wish that HD-DVD promoters & users could try and get the FACTS correct. PS3 has dropped in price 2 of my family bought one after seeing mine had people over saturday night one of them wants me to install his when he buys one because it does the LOT. When people find out its A GAMES CONSOLE HD,WI-FI,CD,DVD,SACD and internet browser and soon to be a PVR it makes sense, then the discs are same price AS HD-DVD, ITS A DONE DEAL.


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