FIFA World Cup Kicks Off On PS3: EA Slaps Konami In The Face

While international footy in the world of solid 3D fleshy things is proving pretty depressing (unless you come from a country that can actually play the game), the FIFA Interactive World Cup is getting nicely under way.

Since the PlayStation 3 exclusive event kicked off last month, an impressive 10,000 players from 25 countries have begun kicking it out over the PlayStation Network. This month, things have moved on to the first live qualifying events in Denmark, the Netherlands and Hungary.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3888d ago

that sux did it fail for u not for me.

ddldave3888d ago

yeah, i'm sorry the 360 failed for you. i have a ps3 so it didn't fail for me.

DiLeCtioN3888d ago

fifa failed this yr not soccer aka football, pes is good but online is shate.

season0073888d ago

it is an old news...and a patch has just come out..oops

paul_war3888d ago

THe patch really does help, either way pro evo is the better football game.

actas1233888d ago

I bought this game for my PS3 and its great. I love it.. I am a soccer fan though... I did not know about this tournament, I think I can join..

The_Engineer3888d ago

be a pro mode online, I have been playing this nonstop on my PS3.

a bunch of us online took the field as Algeria against Germany

final score Algeria 5 Germany 1....bwahahahahahhahahaha

Im a deadly striker on the pitch, no one can defend me, no one can run with me, im pretty,im gorgeous,im da

Rama262853888d ago

Great picture lol Made me laugh hard. Poor soul lol

SKUD3887d ago

I bet THAT left a mark. Ouch!.

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