No Shame November: Why trophies makes you do bad things

No Shame November places the spotlight on some of the dastardly, devious and downright despicable acts commited by the Game Fanatics crew. This time, the tale revolves around Bad Company 2 and a severe lust for trophies.

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Blackdeath_6632574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

gaming in general is supposed to give you a sense of fake achivement that of wich you cant get in real life, now i know people will dislike my comment but thats the truth. gamse that have longer and more rewarding charecter progression seem to get people more adicted that feeling of starting up a game with no gear and getting better and better untill your a very high level and your beating people in pvp. games that require you to build you own farm or zoo on the iphone are increasingly popular because people like to feel their achiving something and feel happy when they see how many coins they have.
thats why developers keep adding new stronger items or they reward you for silly things like last time i got a trophy just for starting the game. this is not always a bad thing but can be when it causes addiction.

tarbis2573d ago

they're adding value to the already great game, so it's not bad.
Getting Trophies/achievements are like trying to get the super duper weapon or a super secret item that can turn you into a god in the game.
It also provides challenge to people who wants to test their skills.

Ddouble2573d ago

Great Read.
I like how he described the thirst for that last trophy.

I think everyone has their limits as to how far they'll go to get a plat. I personally don't mind grinding for a trophy but i won't do certain things like, for example, buying 500 karts in GT5 to get the trophy for having a thousand cars. That is just OTT to me but probably OK for someone else.

tarbis2573d ago

Agreed. It will take total dedication for the 1000 cars trophy for GT5 that I believe I won't be able to get anytime soon.