Rocksmith Review [GameRevolution]

Finally! A music-based game where I don't have to cradle a hunk of plastic in my arms and press colorful buttons in order to accomplish through a console what countless drunkards can accomplish with a karaoke machine. Musical mimicry without the need for any actual talent.

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stormeagle62601d ago

Great to know they've actually managed to pull this idea off!

MajorJackHoff2601d ago

Yeah, what I'm hoping for is them being able to perfect this idea in the next installment thus creating a AAA title

D3stinySm4sher2601d ago

I really love the concept of this game and feel it's a great example of how games aren't stuck to being just "games" and can be more than that if we make them.

LostTokens2600d ago

Very nice, I can actually learn to play now! And my musician friends can't make fun'a me (as much)!