Jack Thompson gets the boot

The titles a bit misleading, but you have to use the original title.

However looks like JT has made an even bigger idiot of himself and been temporarily suspended from praticing law in Alabama, with the judge QUOTE

He reported Thompson's conduct to the Disciplinary Commission of the Alabama Bar, and issued a scathing 18-page beatdown. Writeth the judge:

"Mr. Thompson's actions before this Court suggest that he is unable to conduct himself in a manner befitting practice in this state."

This could be the start of something great for the videogames industry.


EDIT - sorry as Alymon pointed out this is in fact an old article, which I didn't notice at the time. I f*cked up.

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YoMeViet3740d ago

they should just take away his license and be done with it, Jack is such a jackass for picking on video games. it would be funny if he was kidnapped by some game developers and got beaten senselessly.

Salvadore3740d ago

I agree, JT should be stripped from this license because he's a disgrace to all laywers out there.

gta_cb3740d ago

hahaha unlucky JT

"he is unable to conduct himself in a manner befitting practice in this state"

i wonder what he done?... ohwell i hope he stays in this "state" lol

AngryTypingGuy3740d ago

"Jack Thompson gets the boot"...hopefully right in the crotch.

gta_cb3740d ago

had to press agree, that would have been priceless.

Alymon3740d ago

Look at the date of the article. It's from November of 2005.

Over 2 years old. Who the hell approved this???

Dark_Overlord3740d ago

Yes you are right just checked, sorry my bad. I was browsing through recent articles and this came up and I obviously didn't check the date as it was in recent articles.

So sorry I f*cked up

Alymon3740d ago

No problem..... I probably came off a little harsh =P