IGN: Uncharted 3's Best Moments

We give you five of our favorite set pieces from Naughty Dog's masterpiece. SPOILER ALERT!!

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faysal2594d ago

sand level did it for me, my eyes couldnt get look a way from the screen :D.

BTW before people goes crazy and say they are cut screen it isnt. only one of them is cut screen the one with Marlow(old lady) rest are all in game and in control of drake.

Nitrowolf22594d ago

the epicness of that whole level is just beyond what I expected. From the plane scene all the way to the city. Man Naughty Dog really stepped it up

MaxXAttaxX2594d ago

BUT what's even more impressive is that there is A LOT more to what they showed for each one of those moments.

Plus there are more awesome moments not even mentioned in the video.
You'd need like a top 10 at least, not just 5.

faysal2594d ago

yh thats what i was thinking cz top 5 isnt enough they needed top 10. ND did step it up but it started off kinda slow then previous games.. still this was one of the best single player game i have ever played. its so god dam cinematic that some times i thought it was a movie and most of the time you think its an cut scene untill you realised you are controling it. it just blow me away speacialy the sand and cargo ship lvls. water and sand graphics/physics just took it to the next lvl

perfectCarbonara2594d ago

"See you in Hell Habibi" haha, I loved that part.

rob60212594d ago

The moonlit Syria level really blew me away. Lighting has never been so impressive - not to mention how much detail there is in the town below.

--Onilink--2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

you know, this game surpassed the 2nd on many aspects, but at the end i still couldnt help but feel i prefer U2. Dont get me wrong, U3 is an amazing game, the graphics are miles ahead of anything else on consoles, the sound is amazing, the acting as well. As for the gameplay, it definetely felt less polished, aiming was less precise and smooth, AI was at parts incredibly stupid and i was kinda hoping for a much bigger ending, it was almost the same scenario as U2. But most of these things are easily overlooked by all the great things u3 does right, i guess in the end my only real complaint is that it wasnt really that much of a step up from U2(at least not in the way U2 was to U1). Still considering that the only 2 games that would share #1 this gen with U2 are Super Mario Galaxy and Mass Effect 2, so its not like its easy to surpass U2

shikamaroooo2594d ago

I really disliked part 2 and I think part 3 is the best video game I have ever played

--Onilink--2594d ago

yeah dont get me wrong, its not like im gonna say that U2 is better than U3 because its all about tastes, not everyone will think the same. I just felt at the end that i prefered U2 more, i guess i could start playing U2 now and see if i still feel the same, maybe my memories make U2 feel better even though it isnt...

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Chitown712912594d ago

Yea man U2 was predictable as hell. It was basically one in different locations. U3 story was cliche but unpredictable at the same time. (Kind of a spoiler) Especially the part at the end with Sully. The pacing was way better in U3. U2 was the same sh*t over and over. Shoot. Run. Shoot . Run. I got bored quickly . Don't get me wrong , it was a good game. But it was kind of dumb. How many times did Chloe pull a gun on Drake? ONly to realize she was actually good. And how many times did he get caught by Flynn and his army? How lame was the twist, that the snow enemies were actually scarecrows? Sorry. It was just kind of stupid to me. U3 totally takes you by surprise, and actually draws in to the story with the characters. You actually get to know Sully, and build an attachment to it. Uncharted 3 has set the new gold standard, and IGN is the only mainstream company that gave it a 10 and its sad. Cuz it deserves way more.

2594d ago
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