Man Attempts To Sell Xbox Live Account, Includes Level 49 In Halo 3

The pictured above scam reminds gamers of when gamerscore king "Rance 6? was selling his Hard Drive back in October 2006. Want to laugh/read the above E bay selling description.

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M1am1U3885d ago

it even comes with FREE shipping! Give me a break...the sad thing is, there are 9 bids on it.

ddldave3885d ago

haha, this guy is a typical 360 user. he's stupid. just like how he bought a system that is defective. i'm glad i bought a ps3, just like every smart person knows. not to forget to mention that 360 has no games. check out ps3 with mgs4, haze, ut3, ff13, hs, etc. pwned

Death3885d ago

You are so right, I just went to trade in my 360 for a PS3 after reading your post. The weird thing was not one of the games you have listed for PS3 are actually available. Appearantly they are all sold out and I should have known this because the guy at Gamestop looked at me like I was an idiot. Luckily I had printed out this before I went in. Anyway, he charged me for all the games but when I went home all I had was a box filled with rocks. Isn't that crazy?


Mikey_Gee3885d ago


The worst type actually. The type of fanboy that even fanboys want to beat the living sh!t out of.

Spinitus3885d ago

clever fellow. theres gotta be a nub out there to fall for this.

chester3885d ago

oh without a doubt there will be. and then they'll go onto the halo3 multiplayer thinking they're boss with level 49, go into matchmaking, get placed with players who are actually at that level, play one game, go about 1-40, and never play it again.

Feihc Retsam3885d ago

And every single MMO that was ever created...

Gold farming....
Character Leveling...

People are constantly trading real world money for virtual goods and services... This is definitely not "only on xbox live"

Bonsai12143885d ago

ebay actually stopped sales of mmo stuff except for runescape i believe

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The story is too old to be commented.