'Skyrim' gets a Alduin dragon cake courtesy of Charm City Cakes

XMNR: Bethesda Softworks celebrated with meade and cake on Thursday night the fact that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim went gold for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. That cake might be the most ferocious thing ever eaten though as the outfit from the Ace of Cakes show, Charm City Cakes, recreated Alduin the World Eater.

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omi25p2362d ago

Wonder if this will be on the show.

C_Menz2362d ago

The show got canned last year since it was on for to long according to Food Network.

TheBlackMask2362d ago

Rather take Ace of Cakes then crappy Cake Boss

HeavenlySnipes2362d ago

Trying to get a free copy I see....

Queasy2362d ago

Didn't even request a copy. I simply don't have the time to play Skyrim right now. Will probably pick it up during a release dead period next year.

Laxman2362d ago

Did you make the cake?

Queasy2362d ago

@Laxman: Yes, yes I did. I'm Duff Goldman and I approve this message.

sohaben2362d ago

You, sir, are a fool. With all due respect of course.

The cake is magnificent, though. :)

03212361d ago

It looks too good to eat.

SITH2361d ago

Massive sleep depravation next week.