3 Ways to Prevent Your XBL Account From Being Hacked, "If you’ve been paying attention to news headlines for Xbox Live and Xbox 360 gamers over the past few weeks, you’ve more than likely at least heard about the hacking of accounts that has been taking place. It’s definitely no fun to have your account hacked, and we’re here to help you prevent it from happening."

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DFresh2568d ago

Ofcourse nothing will be unhackable forever.
At least some things are being done to prevent such activity on all of the platforms.

killerhog2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Dude this has been going on since the 360 launch. And ms response is "don't give your password away" really???

Bereaver2568d ago

Ok, I need to say one thing....

A few months ago, I wanted to buy microsoft points.... so I called a friend that could buy me some. (You can't just buy the points in China unless you pay about 1.5x their worth.)

He said he would buy me some for about the same price.

He asked for my username and password and I gave it to him.

He called me a few minutes later asking for my email and some other small things.

After about 30 minutes, he called me back and said. Ok, you have about 10,000 MS points on your account, make sure you use it within 4 hours.

I was like.... what do you mean... within 4 hours? Why does it matter?

Hacked accounts.

I know some of you might think I'm lying. But I can prove it. And I can show you atleast 30 sellers online that have over 10,000 xbox accounts each for sell.

Now you're asking... what happened to the people that were hacked?

They had their account pretty much copied with just a name change.

I stopped playing after I found this out. I haven't touched the account since. I'm sorry guys if you want to blame me for it. But I really had no clue what was going on until after I started asking all the questions. I didn't even know the price until I met up with my friend and he was laughing about it.

The account that has the hacked points on it..... was never locked.... was never banned.... I can log in to it right now and play if I wanted to. But I refuse to play it anymore.

Maybe someone wants to make a big story out of this. Maybe they should contact me.

Hicken2568d ago

1. Use ridiculous information even you can't keep up with.
2. Don't pay for XBL.
3. Get a PS3.

Eiffel2568d ago

But then I'll need an article on how to prevent my PSN from being hacked.

Hicken2568d ago

1. Use ridiculous information even you can't keep up with.
2. Realize that if you've been hacked, it's a system-wide breach, and not something aimed directly at you.
3. Not worry so much, because it's not required for you to use any real information, anyway.

Eiffel2568d ago

Ah damn, now I gotta be on a month hiatus.