GamesEyeView: Fought Like A Girl for My Mom

GEV Says: Editor’s Note: Jim Anderson is a Former Staff Writer and one of the Founders of Early this year, his mother lost an almost 20 year battle with breast cancer. This is the story of his participation in the annual Fight Like a Girl Tournament, which helps raise money for breast cancer treatment, in her honor:

For the last 5 years, near the end of October, a group of gamers have been putting on a little Halo tournament to raise research money and awareness for breast and cervical cancers. Appropriately, the tournament was called Fight Like A Girl or FLAG. As a gamer, I have been following this tournament for the past 3 years watching as it grew from a small tournament until last year when it amassed nearly $7,000. During that time I debated on playing in the tournament as I am a pretty decent Halo player, but also because I had another reason for playing.

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PsycheMax2595d ago

So touching.
Keep up your work, mister!

RuthShaw2595d ago

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