How Steve Jobs Changed The Gaming Industry

Its no surprise that Steve Jobs and Co. have had a tremendous influence in the tech world. With the release of the original iPod and iPhone causing hundreds of clones to be released, it was only a matter of time before their ingenuity spilled over into one the biggest industries ever, video games.

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svoulis2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

You want to know how Jobs changed the Gaming Industry? By losing the rights to Halo and having Microsoft use it to make the Xbox in which the Xbox 360 was born.

So thank you Apple and Jobs for giving us Bungie and Halo, IF it weren't for you gaming wouldn't be the same.

How anyone thinks this is innovation is really beyond me because HANDLES have been around for a VERY long time..

OH cause now we can use our cell phones to play games, that drain our talking and texting device to almost nothing with-in a hour or so?

This whole "apple changing the gaming industry" is a pathetic joke. It sucks Jobs died but he didn't change the Gaming Industry that's for sure. (Aside from losing Halo to Microsoft..again thanks for that :D)

ATi_Elite2567d ago

He did absolutely nothing for the gaming Industry! I do not understand why these idiot editors try to make Steve Jobs be something he isn't...a Gamer!

Apple Gaming was an oxymoron until Steam became pro Apple and still now Apple Gaming is not on a consoles level and laughed at by PC Gamers. We already had portable gaming on dedicated gaming systems like the game boy, we have always been able to game on the go with laptops, and cell phones have always had games.

so before someone disagrees....please reply back with what exactly Steve jobs did to change the gaming industry.

Like i said i like Steve Jobs but in reality all he did was take a product that was already made and or invented by someone else and just make it more consumer friendly.

PC's, MP3 players, slate computers, touch screen phones, Apps, etc were all already being sold but Steve Jobs and Apple just made them more consumer friendly and marketed them better. Even Mac OS was a more user friendly clone of Xerox Alta!

svoulis2567d ago


But hey that's what apple is good at, taking something that's already out, putting there name on it, and selling it.


BitbyDeath2567d ago

Steve Jobs also changed the world by dying for our sins.

ATi_Elite2567d ago

I'm a PC user so Steve Jobs would be the Anti-Christ to me if i believed in that rigmarole and what not!