Why games are getting easier |

They want you to buy as many games as possible. Therefore, these games can not take you for a long time. And what is the best selling brand - we all know.

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Ulf2230d ago

CoD syndrome. People won't buy it if it frustrates them.

HIV2230d ago

Could you read it first, please?

CynicalVision2230d ago

Easier games will appeal to more people, it's why I never bought Demon Souls.

Catoplepas2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Demon's Souls difficulty is hugely overstated.

It's greatness on the other hand is not.

Marquis_de_Sade2229d ago

Perhaps it's simply because I have improved over the years as a gamer, although I find this unlikely. Generally though, for me it seems less of a case of whether I'm able to finish game or not but more whether I can actually be bothered to.

MasterCornholio2229d ago

Games need to accessible to the mass market which is who hard games like demon souls don't sell as much as COD.