PC vs Console - Do developers do this on purpose?

PC fanboys on the left and console fanboys on the right. Alright, take a seat and listen up. Developers want you to fight it out. Don't believe me, my opinions will make you see the light. The whole thing seems to obvious to me.

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brown0092569d ago

I think that MW3 screwed the PC out of Elite because they have had pirated copies of MW3 already. Good read though.

NYC_Gamer2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

the game could also be downloaded on the 360 as we speak so doubt that is the reason

T9002568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

"However, nobody can disagree that the money you spend on a console vs a PC puts the console in the lead for cash vs. what you get."

I would completely disagree with this comment on the article. I think console gaming is rather expensive due to high prices of games.

A PC that significantly outperforms a console can be had for 500usd. Hence the difference between console and PC is a mere 200usd. Less in the 360's case because you need to pay to go online on a yearly basis. However once you account how cheap games on the PC are and how much more a PC can do vs a console, the PC easily wins the cost effect arguement.

Sure you can build a 2000usd PC and then argue PC gaming is expensive, however by that time you are comparing a ferrari to a kia and then complaining about price.

The only reason call of duty elite is limited to console is because these are 2 different crowds, Activition knows they can milk the console crowd this way, however they wont be getting much of a response from PC gamers. As it is the console gamers that buy DLC maps by the truck loads anyways, Console gamers most of them anyways dont know such stuff can be made for free, its just that developers are being greedy and not shipping games mod options, however since most console gamers are ok with it, its a gold mine for pubs like activision.

dangert122568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Not long ago, I would of told you PC gaming is overrated,

IMO the reason PC steps all over console gaming Is 99% of the PC counter parts are cheaper then console version and allow you to have mods were the console version does not though It cost more.

PC has a much bigger library
Communities last longer and seem more dedicated, amd are also alot friendlier then console communities.

Only thing I'd go to consoles for Is the exclusives like my Ps3 hardly gets used now but I want
Uncharted 3 etc but cos Pc gaming has such amazing offers I can wait for It to go down In price on ps3 with ease

Oh and the fact PC games tend to give you more value for money, better visual presentation player counts et

DBLDeathDealer2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

T-900 - Great comments, just want to say a few things. "The only reason call of duty elite is limited to console is because these are 2 different crowds, Activition knows they can milk the console crowd this way, however they wont be getting much of a response from PC gamers"

You say it right here. This is the whole problem in my opinion. Sure, there is two different systems but we are one crowd. We are all gamers. There is no reason that the Elite should not be released on both.

The other thing is that my statement is true. Yes, PC once you put a couple extra hundreds in there is a better system, but not everyone has the money for that. With PC you are paying for more then just gaming. You have the ability to do alot more. Just trying to figure out why the developers seem to have this divide. Great points though.

JLesinski2569d ago

Could have a point. It always seems that games get "leaked" or "hacked" for PC releases early. I understand there are pirated copies floating around on console too but not nearly to the extent of on PCs

Blackdeath_6632568d ago

people need to understand that pc gaming is a completely different genre (if you can call it that) than console gaming. sure you get certain games wich overlap in both port for example you canplay cod on both or you can play BF3,crisis and assasins creed on both the pc and console. but what pc gaming is about is the other games that cant be as of yet ported to console like starcraft an diablo and dota. the way i personally see it is that pc gamers should not put them selves under the same roof as console gaming cus their different.

brown0092568d ago

Very true. Lots of different games make it, different. So developers treat it different.

Bladesfist2568d ago

Well you cant play the pc pirated version until release day, you can play the console pirated versions today. So i think its worse on console atm

T9002568d ago

Well you would be lucky to find a crack for a PC version of a pirated game even few weeks after release. For console you dont need a crack, once you console is modded all you need to do is download, burn, play.

With PC you actually need to look for a crack that works and make sure its not some virus, hell even when a crack does work there are often chances of the game not working properly, no such thing on console.

xxxAnubisxxx2569d ago

I'm not sure it's a "planned" thing, but there certainly is some merit to the argument. I guess by keeping gamers arguing with each other, it's keeping their game in the spotlight.

DBLDeathDealer2569d ago

Not sure piracy has anything to do with this. It just seems like a no brainer to take time and ensure the game has the same abilities on all systems.

Just seems the developers keep you holding on for more sometimes and they enjoy reading the thrashing that occur in forums across the world. Simply because one system has something the other does not.


A PC does more and it always will. Oh and it's cheaper :)

bumnut2568d ago

It CAN be cheaper, I have £500 worth of graphics cards :)

2568d ago
Rageanitus2568d ago

correction PC does more and always will, and it is more value per a dollar spent.

Its not just that it does more it does things BETTER. Something that console only players fail to realize or acknowledge!

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