PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Patch Is Live

Konami released the much anticipated patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on the PS3.

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Razzy3956d ago

Awesome news for PS3 PES owners!

jromao3956d ago

OFF-line mode is smoother now, gameplay improved,

ON-line mode still under devs hands as message we get when start "Network".

Neurotoxin3956d ago

If anyone can confirm this fix`s the online and offline problem i would appreciate it, i`m away from home and cannot confirm myself. Cheers.

Skerj3956d ago

If this fixes the issues then I'll be picking the game up.

BlackCountryBob3956d ago

Downloading now, 130MB and it takes you to the download prompt when you boot the game.

I'll have a look at exactly what it does when the D/L is done but the fact they have had nearly 4 weeks to sort out a crippled game means they had better have got everything sorted or else this game is going to trade in.

season0073956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

THE Replay is MUCH improved...i am going to try online now

edit:offline problem is completely resolved in my case
and the replay is much improved
when i get to the online screen, konami says it is still working on the online, it might be somewhat problematic atm, but i could see improvement and it is much better playable now..

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The story is too old to be commented.