The Arkham Asylum treatment: 4 licensed properties that deserve good video-game reboots

With Batman: Arkham City continuing to prove that licensed games can be good, what other properties deserve another shot?

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THR1LLHOUSE2235d ago

I would love a good GI Joe game...I'm thinking a gritty FPS that is secretly super cheesy. Like, you've got your team of dudes charging into battle yelling "WE'RE OSCAR MIKE!" or whatever, but then they're all carrying laser guns and nobody gets killed.

TrendyGamers2235d ago

Harry Potter: Modern Warfare!

Tolkoto2235d ago

I'd kill for a great Harry Potter game.

NagaSotuva2235d ago

A new Discworld would require the finest next-generation pickles to succeed.

SybaRat2235d ago

Holy crap, that last G.I. Joe game was utter crap. Yes, I played it. At gunpoint. Shoulda just taken the bullet.

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