GTA V Los Santos Map Possibly Leaked?

A supposed "resigning Rockstar employee" leaks an image of the Los Santos map.

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MrBeatdown2517d ago

I always set my camera to "extremely f***ing blurry" mode when trying to prove things to people.

JhawkFootball062517d ago

Haha I love how every GTA article gets so many hits. If I was a web designer I would post some made up leaked sh$t too if I was going to get all these hits.

gatormatt802517d ago

Looks similar to los santos in the ps2 version imho. I think its def fake tho

showtimefolks2516d ago

I dont know about this leaked map and where or not it's the actual map but I doubt this is it. I hope gta 5 map is huge and has all the districts like SA had with a Vegas like city where all the casinos were and than country side

I hope there are jet packs to get around
More cheats
With cheats in SA I got a automatic dual shotgun with unlimited ammo lol that was fun good old days

Just give us a huge map to explore with some hidden areas for us to discover

blumatt2516d ago

Yep, exploring and seeing all the different environments was what I loved about San Andreas. That and the awesome things like jetpacking, skydiving, and lifting weights. Also, you could eat and get fat. And you could have relationships.

lifesanrpg2517d ago

Not everyone has a 25 MP iphone...

Ocelot5252517d ago

yep, just a site who wants hits

HardCover2516d ago

Who cares?

Whether it's real or not, it gives us NO INFORMATION. We already know it's going to have a map and it's going to be in Los Santos. This has no landmarks, no roads, no nothing.

Real or not, it's worthless.

Xenial2517d ago

^ Fake.. -_- Waste of time.

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The story is too old to be commented.