Microsoft's new multicore-computing guru speaks out

Supercomputing expert Dan Reed is to lead Microsoft's efforts in multicore technology and next-generation data centers. "I watched Mosaic come up out of the ground and I watched my students go off to start-ups, and I promised myself that if the surf was up again that I was going to grab my board and get in the water," Reed told Network World Senior Editor John Fontana, during a chat about Reed's move from academia and what he says could be a coming revolution that rivals the development of the Web.

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PS360PCROCKS3830d ago

Very cool. Technology is an amazing thing how it grows and expands, and he is right when it comes to clock sizes etc. not really going to grow anymore. I am really curious to see what kind of performance is reached within the next few years.

bootsielon3829d ago

IBM has already reached 300 Gigahertz in room temperature, and they plan to reach a Terahertz in room temperature. So I doubt we've hit the wall as for clock frequency.

I'd love to see a terahertz in a 1000 core processor inside a game console.

lynx1halo3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

The cell is the future NOW!!! ......and Dan Reed's picture is classic NERD MODE LOL


You my friend are a TARD...."The cell would be the future NOW if anyone knew how to use it properly" Which is basically admitting that it is superior technology, and power, and the only problem is grasping it....which all developers seem to be getting a hang of pretty quickly......YOU FAIL IN LIFE

DG3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

lynx1halo your an idiot. The cell would be the future NOW if anyone knew how to use it properly. If Sony invested in some kind of research like this in the Cell from the get go it would be blowing the roof off the competition right now but its not.

Im glad to see MS is taking this aproach and investing in the research. Although this will have more benefits outside of gaming it will help push consoles in general to the max as well as prepare for the 8 core (hopefully)plus future consoles to be amazing out the gate. I doubt this will have any effect before late 2009 - 20010. Which is a shame.

Shaka2K63830d ago

Owns multicore-computing.

TheMART3830d ago

Having cores is one thing, having the right architecture, the right mix of hardware and the right software/usage of it all is another thing.

Tone3830d ago

If only it actually showed it to be true, which in all honesty, it does not... maybe it will sometime in the future... maybe not, only time will tell my obvious Sony Fan.