Battlefield: Bad Company 3 spotted on resume, already in development?

There's no denying that Battlefield 3 is currently the toast of the town. With 5 million units sold globally, developer DICE has every reason to kick back and enjoy the fruits of their labour. However, based on a small tidbit of info SystemLink has received, it looks quite possibly they've already started development of the third installment in their Bad Company series.

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PhilipLarkin2571d ago

Hope so. Looking for a more humour single-player.

Dante1122571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Nice, I always enjoyed the Bad Company series.

irepbtown2571d ago

I'm with you two on this one.
I loved BC and BC2. Got BF3 on saturday and the Multiplayer is unbelievable.

Hopefully they'll have Co-op and Campaign Co-Op, that would be nice.

pedo_across-the-road2571d ago

Haggard: Shit, I gotta save me some cheerleaders!

360ICE2571d ago

What was that there top-secret project I worked on again? That game they told me never to mention in public. Ah yes. Battlefield: Bad Company 3. I go' put that game right there on my resumé. I be Swedish developer.

Mohdunknown2571d ago

Oh come on. Why can't I have a Mirror's Edge 2?????

PhantomT14122571d ago

DICE's big enough to develop those two at same time. In fact, both Mirror's Edge and Bad Company were released in 2008.

Pandamobile2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

If he was a play tester for "Bad Company 3" in 2011, that makes me doubt the validity of this.

I can almost guarantee that this is a mix up with Battlefield 3, because I don't believe that Bad Company 3 would be in any sort of play-testing state during the development of BF3.

Cosmit2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

It's like this and like that and like this and uh
It's like that and like this and like that and uh
It's like this and like that and like this uh


Shackdaddy8362571d ago

Eh. there's a small possibility that he could have played a very early alpha. I mean, DICE has a different team doing the BC series so they would have started right when BC2 finished...

Pandamobile2571d ago

BF3 development was in full swing when BFBC2 finished.

I don't think DICE spread themselves that thin across two Battlefield titles.

And typically they don't do external playtesting for games until they're pretty far along.

Hufandpuf2571d ago

Bad company again? No, I'd rather have mirrors edge 2 or bf2143.

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The story is too old to be commented.