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Submitted by BLACKBIBLE 1562d ago | opinion piece

Was Battlefield What You Expected?

GamerFitNatin's Rigo ask fans of Battlefield if it's what they expected? So Battlefield 3 has been out on store shelves now for about a week and a half. There are many mixed reviews about the game. Some good reviews, some angry ones. The game was anticipated for a long time. It was said to revolutionize shooters for a new generation. Upon playing it myself, I found that the experience is definitely unlike any other shooter out right now. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Lavitz2012  +   1562d ago was better than i thought really enjoying the s*it out of this game.
jriquelme_paraguay  +   1562d ago
it's more... i think it is the Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor baby
cr33ping_death  +   1562d ago
only playing a lot of COD, at first i didnt like it much. but it grew on me and sure enough ive been hooked. so yeah better than expected(for me) and thats only playing with my bro. cant wait to get on this with my cousin and our psn friends. trying to balance time between Battlefield and Uncharted 3
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jriquelme_paraguay  +   1562d ago
i need to balance my time with BF3, Skyrim, MW3 and Saints Row

mike_d_  +   1562d ago
This game definitely surpassed my expectations! I am completely satisfied.
Crazyglues  +   1562d ago
It's a far better game then I was expecting..

-Yes the beta had some serious issues but it was a beta not a demo - and I think people had a hard time understanding the difference..

The beta was meant to test things out, holes in the floor, dice knew they were there, but that's not what they were testing and that would be fixed in the final game, as well as a ton of things..

Also a beta is far from finished where a demo is representation of the finished product.. -so I was not worried I knew the final version would fix a lot of the issues..

Even though the final still had problems -DICE has been addressing them and they are a Quality developer so you have to give them at least two weeks to iron stuff out - They already did a day one patch and server updates which have fixed a lot of things...

When you step back and look at the game it's pretty amazing..

Anyone who didn't give the game at least two weeks is just crazy.. it's an amazing game, and it took me a little while to adjust coming from Bad Company 2..

This is a completely different animal, but if you take your time and learn it.. it's a lot of fun.. even when I'm getting owned I'm impressed by the game. It's done really well, it's faster more unforgiving but well balanced from an engineering standpoint.. -They have done some amazing coding.

This game is Awesome, and if you are an older gamer I think you tend to appreciate it.. if you are a younger gamer you may tend to underestimate it..

Just because it's easy to write it off if your getting killed all the time, but this is actually the beauty of the game, you have to get good to really appreciate it...

DICE has surpassed my expectations with this one.. it's Amazing -In the next few days it will be even better first they patched the servers and then they will balance out some of the other things with a full game patch..

DICE is one of the top developers, I don't expect them to drop the ball on there franchise baby..

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capcock  +   1562d ago
It was much better than I expected! :D
but I thought they would fix the "green flicker bug" that was in the beta and alpha.... can be driver related though.
rawrockkillz  +   1562d ago
Yeah the flicker thing does get a little bit annoying.
rawrockkillz  +   1562d ago
This game is so fun! GoTY for me!
2fk  +   1562d ago
i would love it to be GOTY but sadly BF3 wont be
Optical_Matrix  +   1562d ago
Games like crack. So addictive lol Much better than I thought it would be. DICE have got themselves a new fan. Can't wait for Back to Karkand and future expansion packs.
solar  +   1562d ago
The B2K maps are gonna be so fun.

I love BF, my expectations were vert high and DICE surpassed them. My clan and i are having a great time!!!
MasterD919  +   1562d ago
This game is a blast to play with some buds or squad mates.

I love that Metro doesn't play at all like the beta...seems like they did some work to it too.
Chuk5  +   1562d ago
It was sadly. To me it was a rushed game that EA sabotaged at every turn and stunted its potential.
forsakenskys  +   1562d ago
This game is awesome
lost_gamer  +   1562d ago
Modern warfare 3 will blow BF3 out of the water when it comes out...sales wise. Everybody will leave BF3 and go to Mw3 on monday night. trust me.
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Lavitz2012  +   1562d ago
Well then i guess those that leave weren't true BF fans to begin with.
Ray186  +   1562d ago
I really, really hope so.
Gamer-Z  +   1562d ago
The game is great but i don't know i'm not really feeling it right now, Then again i haven't been able to get into COD either. Maybe i'm just getting tired of FPS's in general, cant wait to play Skyrim! :)
hennessey86  +   1562d ago
I expected it to be good
chak_  +   1562d ago
I hate it, crappy maps, nothing like battleFIELD.

Only kargh and firestorm have ok size, caspian is ok, but all flag are concentrated.
dazreah  +   1562d ago
Its a great game, the only problem i have had so far is being blinded by a tourch on a bright sunny map!
saoco  +   1562d ago
no... i was really disappointed overall.
D3acon  +   1562d ago
I just stop playing to respond. The multiplayer is like crack. However, I think 32 players is the sweet spot for console multiplayer for large battles. Back to it.
vinniects  +   1562d ago
Put my copy up for sale on eBay, trying to recoup my loses. Got up to a level 23 and just got bored. I gave it a good honest chance but in heart I am a brainwashed sheep of a cod player. I need the quickness of that game and I really only play hardcore search and destroy. I know the disagrees are coming. I do think bf3 is a great game, just not my cup of tea.
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Gamer-Z  +   1562d ago
Agreed its not for everyone but at least you gave it a chance. I too am thinking of getting MW3, idk you just crave that kind of crazy arcade gameplay sometimes and BF3 doesn't have that.
christheredhead  +   1562d ago
bf3 is a lot of fun and is extremely addicting. with that being said, it feels a little underwhelming as well. something about the maps dont feel right to me. i dont know what it is, but the map design just isn't up to par compared to previous battlefield game. feels to enclosed at times.
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DjJaneiro  +   1562d ago
I think it was because there was little CQB in BFBC2
christheredhead  +   1562d ago
yah, probably so. it was more open in bc2. still have to adjust to all the corridor shooting.
Bornstellar  +   1562d ago
Nope, way more awesome than expected! :D
Somebody  +   1562d ago

It's just what I've expected it to be. Singleplayer was just I expected - kinda boring. Multiplayer is where the real action is. Haven't seen anyone doing a lot of base rape like in Bad Company 2. I did see one attempt to steal my team's F18, with me manning the AA station just metres away - didn't end well for him. Some of the maps do feel too constricted but the larger maps are great. The smaller maps have too many corridors and everybody's using rockets in those tight areas.

I had just experienced Operation Metro conquest for the first was stupid. It's a great way to spam fast points but it still feel too stupid. 30 guys upstairs lobbing grenades while another 30 guys firing rockets from below. Might just as well take out an EOD bot, put some C4 on it and let it climb up/down the stairs and blow up the campers.
OverdosedWitDopeness  +   1562d ago
great game, but waiting 45 seconds for the next match to start takes forever and you cant really do anything with that time such as customize your class or leave to join another mode,instead you have to wait til the next match begins to do so,but the gameplay is amazing so i jus wait.
AznGaara  +   1562d ago
I bought this game twice. On PC of course and to play with my 360 friends. Its so fun and I cannot wait to play on Wake Island!
Cosmit  +   1561d ago
I have it for PC and PS3. Honestly, it didn't live up to my expectations. But that's because it was hyped up like no other and I guess partly my fault too. Its still a great game. I only play PS3 version. Conquest maps like Operation Firestorm, Caspian, and the other map with the jets are the boring ones for me. There just aren't enough people on PS3 to play those maps. 12 v 12 is not enough. I think the sweet spot should have been 16 v 16.

Other than that there isn't enough action on those maps. I know for PC the story is different. But I'm much much more comfortable playing with a control on hand. Which is why I have only played the PC version for like 15 minutes.

But, I still LOVE this game. Awesome game. This is actually my first shooter THIS WHOLE year that I'm putting in some serious hours in. I didn't have a dedicated shooter this year up until this point. This and MW3 are gonna keep me occupied for some time :D!

Please keep in mind this is my personal opinion. In no way am I disappointed with this game.
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lost_gamer  +   1561d ago
One thing that makes call of duty fun and addicting is hardcore search and destroy. That game mode is the only mode that is great to play. Every other game has respawning and people don't care to die because they know they will respawn. In hardcore search u don't respawn and also u have the people that died in that round on your team watching you so u don't want to mess up. Bf3 has the rush mode that is like hcsd but you respawn. Their are almost 300,000 people that play hcsd on call of duty games and they never stop, so u think the other games that r fps would put that in their game too.

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