Skyrim just went gold - The creation kit didn't

New tweet from Pete Hines reveals that the Skyrim Creation Kit may not be available when expected.

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inveni02595d ago

No joke. I hope they were just doing some minor polishing, and not that they rushed it out the door. The last thing I want from Skyrim is to put 100 hours into it and then have a game-breaking bug ruin my savegame.

Kushan2595d ago

Article is wrong, it went gold ages ago. People already have the game and it would be too late to start production runs for a release this close.

inveni02595d ago

Oh, so they mean, "ONLY Skyrim went Gold, Creation Kit Didn't"?

That makes more sense.

*sigh of relief*

AngryTypingGuy2595d ago

Yeah, another poorly worded title, shock. it strategically worded that way just to get people to click on it? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

Grip2596d ago

Wow they just went gold!

FordGTGuy2596d ago

Hopefully that is a good thing rather than bad...

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icarusorigin2595d ago

Its been gold for a while, it is just the dev kit is not ready yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.