Why you should buy Modern Warfare 3, not Skyrim

OXM's Matt explains why you should pick Modern Warfare 3 over the new Elder Scrolls next week. Hit the link for a rebuttal from fellow OXM writer Ed.

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dirigiblebill2570d ago

OXM's doing side-by-side pro-Skyrim and pro-MW3 pieces - the counter-argument is linked in the introduction.

iJihaD2570d ago

Why should you stop telling me what to buy? not being a smarta$$.

Skip_Bayless2570d ago

Because if you buy MW3 in February it's gonna be a different game. Playing a juggarnaut multiplayer game on release is a much different and better experience then playing in February. There's less cheesing and more fairness(because everyone is new and mostly at the same level).

On the other hand Skyrim is Skyrim pretty much when you play it on release date or three months from now.

MaxXAttaxX2570d ago

Best comment in their website:
""To be fair, MW has magic. Like how you can knife someone 3 metres away.

Also MW3 campaign at 8 hours you say? That sounds good. It also sounds like lies, hopefully not.""

Also, I don't get the "Guns beat swords" subtitle. It makes no sense as they don't compete directly nor are there any swords in MW3 or guns in Skyrim.

Skip_Bayless2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Never said MW3 has any changes. Don't get me wrong I wanted MW3 to succumb to BF3 for competition sake but that didn't happen. Sadly MW is still king. And I'm mad about that.

With MW3 you know what you're getting into. New maps, new perks, leveling up, bragging rights, complaining to friends whats going on in the game, kdr etc. It's entertaining for a month for me personally.

As the game gets older it gets less fun once everybody gets accustomed to the game and then the maps get boring. Because then it turns into a race to get to point A to do x and then to point B to do x. And "x" is camp, spawn camp, tubing, cheesing on perks, killstreaks etc. The game turns from entertaining to being a chore.

Skyrim can wait because I gotta beast and get 2:1 KDR in both BF3 and MW3. Actually Skyrim, Batman, and Uncharted 3 can wait.

grifter0242569d ago

John Madden- SO your saying you cant get high amounts of kills unless it barely released and noone knows the maps?

Wow thats sad.

AngryTypingGuy2569d ago

I have been waiting for Skyrim with the anticipation of a little kid on Christmas Eve. I would've bought Uncharted 3 before MW3, but held off because I know that once Skyrim comes out, all other gaming for me stops for a while.

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ATi_Elite2570d ago

cause everybody else will be playing MW3? what you wanna buy.

Blackdeath_6632570d ago

if anything thats the one reason why i wouldnt be playing MW3

TopDudeMan2569d ago

I'm buying mw3 and skyrim but I'm buying MW3 first because, well it comes out first.

Blacktric2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Cause your mom dropped you on your head while giving birth in a public bathroom?

digitalkid2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

It says that it's a cryme to release such a great games in 3 days from eachother.

And a poll where 70% will buy Skyrim insted of MW3. :)


MajorJackHoff2570d ago

Skyrim is my most anticipated game release EVER.

And I love FPS, racing, platformers, etc. But this game...

megacowdung2570d ago

idk why i cant reply to ur comment but i think its 99% that will buy skyrim. only 8yr olds who have horrible taste in games will buy mw3

Army_of_Darkness2570d ago

LMAO!! Now that's a funny joke!!

PotatoClock2570d ago


Looks like an 8 Year Old just turned up...

egidem2570d ago

Damn 8 year olds showing up...flush them out with a flashbang or something...

jeseth2570d ago

Wow, the Skyrim fanboys are in full force today!

The stereotypes you guys are throwing oout are hilarious. I'm glad you all need to make yourself feel better by degrading and slurring people that play SHOOTERS over RPG's.

They are 2 totally different genres. How ignorant can you be?

I can't wait for Skyrim, it looks incredible compared to Oblivion and I love the Fantasy/Setting of the game. But a game like Skyrim/Oblivion/Fallout is not for everyone and the game will probably get outseld 5:1 by MW3.

I'm glad you guys are all "too good" to play MW3. I feel sad that you stopped being gamers and became immature, opinionated, critics. COD is FUN, and it outsells every game you like added together. SO either have fun with it, deal with how well it sells, or shut up. Because no one cares that you don't like Call of Duty.

ArabianKnight012570d ago

That made me LOL its so true... SKYRIM, now plz!

PotatoClock2569d ago

"COD is FUN" for ages 12 and under.

Play a real FPS like BF3 where you actually have to use skill.
COD's sales only prove that people like you don't like a challenge.

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consolez_FTW2570d ago

I think the writer who suggest getting MW3 over Skyrim is trolling us.

at least on the MW3 vs Skyrim poll on their website 65% of people chose skyrim and 23% chose both.all hope is not lost yet.

Though the reasons he gave were crap: he said a flaw is skyrim is, "No guns".
also said get MW3 cuz people will play it all the way into 2013..yeah thats a real reason to get mw3 over skyrim/ssss!

Spenok2570d ago

Lol my thoughts exactly.

jeseth2570d ago

Not that there isn't tons of replayability in any Bethesda game but I think the point he is making in the Replay value of a game like COD. People play the MP for days of time! That is a lot of replayability for $60.

I'm guessing that is the point they were trying to make.

irepbtown2570d ago

So in the writers mind,

If Skyrim had guns and MW3 had magic, they'd practically be perfect games?

Skyrim = release day.
MW3 = It'll end up in my house some how, no matter how hard i try to avoid it.

Getowned2570d ago

getting both I like the MW series a Gamer not a hater?

Getowned2570d ago

well this shows theres more haters then gamers LOL

jeseth2570d ago

People hate on what is popular. Its not cool to play what is popular. They all have to be the cool kids playing the unpopular games before they become popular.

They are probably the same way with movies and music.

princejb1342570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

why should the author of this article mind his own business on what we buy?

2570d ago
TruthbeTold2570d ago

MW3 is going to be buggy and annoying for months at the least. If you can only afford one game right now, I'd say pick a different one than CoD, and wait until later.

AliTheBrit4202570d ago

>Implying I dont have both pre-ordered

Got them both for 360 on pre-order, £60 delivered from Asda, used a voucher code to get around £7.50 off each game


DeadManMcCarthy2570d ago

ROFL I agree.

brb buying mw3 getting 8 hours out of it before becoming the repetitive piece of sh*t game that its known for.

brb getting Skyrim, over 300 hours of replayability.

jeseth2570d ago

Not for nothing but Oblivion/Fallout/Skyrim are also extremely repetitive. Sidequests, looting, searching...the same dungeons, villages, and landscaped over an over. For the first 20 hours it is all relatively new but even games like Skyrim get repetitive. It's like COD/BF/Halo's MP. More or less of the same thing over and over.

Why is everyone getting so snobbish about COD these days? If games change to much, devs are ruining it...not enough, then the are adding new skins on an old product. COD changes every year, new game modes, weapons, challenges, etc. I have seen no drastic change in any franchise this gen. They are all gradual successors of their previous installment. Halo, Gears, Uncharted, COD, Battlefield (BC/BC2/BF3), Resistance, Killzone, etc.

Abriael2570d ago

no, it's a misleading headline to beg for hits.

Canary2570d ago

I'd rather drink a gallon of gasoline and swallow a match than touch Call of Duty.

Awful, awful games. I suppose the mechanics are competently executed, but goddamn, everything else is just godawful.

icecoldfire2570d ago

actually modern warfare 3 will be getting worse as time goes by cause more noobs will be online which is their fanbase. while skyrim in time will be heavily modded like oblivion but with better everything than oblivion when fully modded which makes an elder scrolls games GOTY worthy, and this why u should choose skyrim, not mw3.

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Trainz2570d ago

I didn't read because the title is a fail.
Call of duties titties are starting to get dry.

kennyboy2570d ago

says who? not sales, and no matter how much you bring up to try and trash call of duty you never truly have anything to discredit why sales happen so much for call of duty games and why so many people play them, and you spelled TITLES wrong idiot

Lord_Sloth2570d ago

Same could be said about Justin Beiber. Do you support Beiber simply because he sells well? I don't think so.

Your logic is flawed, especially in the face on an opinion. Shooters in general are far too abundant since there's no real variety between them.

If you eat your favorite meal every day for the rest of your life you will grow weary of it, I promise you.

Swiggins2570d ago

^ Your Logic is Flawed as well

My favorite meal is Bacon, and it's impossible to grow tired of bacon.

UnSelf2570d ago


um he meant to say titties

but hes the idiot though right?

Tdmd2570d ago


Uh-oh... backfired? lol

Gamer-Z2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )


Just because COD gets the most sales doesn't mean its a good game, it just means its popular. COD is the "it" game like Guitar Hero was but we all know what happened to GH and i grantee you the same will happen to COD if Activsion doesn't stop milking it.

Balcrist2570d ago

@ Rainbow-Dash: Your presence here has made this thread 20% cooler, though I must agree with Lord_Sloth, This Kennyboy has committed Ad Populum, or the bandwagon fallacy... we should by modern warfare 3 because everybody else is buying it?? My little stooge, let me introduce you to my friend the lemming... Ooo look! There goes a whole bunch of them running off towards that cliff! You better go follow them, all the other lemmings are doing it!

However i do disagree with Lord_Sloth on one point... that's about Justin Beiber.... you said "he"... i think you meant "She"...

irepbtown2570d ago

People hate on JB because he simply gets more girls than them and gets more money.

And I'm a guy. I dont listen to his music, I dont like him, but I dont hate him either.

Other than that I agree with Lord_Sloth,
Sales does NOT equal quality.

I'm sure you've heard of Quality over Quantity.

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claterz2570d ago

..Getting dry for us lot because we've been playing since CoD4, but not for the people who are new to the franchise. IMO the franchise will continue to sell well unless they make a major change to the gameplay, which they wouldn't if they had any sense lol.

I'll probably be getting both, but I'll wait a few weeks before I buy MW3 to see what everyone else thinks :P

DeadManMcCarthy2570d ago

i know right cod fanboys are so hilarious because of how stupid and gullible they are.

MakiManPR2570d ago

LOL is this a serious article?

Xenial2570d ago

Hell no. I'm definitely getting Skyrim instead of MW3.

chickens2570d ago

instead of mw3? its like your only getting a choice between the two. if so, fine but you cant compare skyrim with mw3, thats like comparing halo with gta. nothing alike. buy whatever you want to buy, cant tell people what to buy.

modesign2570d ago

theyre not comparing it noob, they just stating they are getting one game over another.

irepbtown2570d ago

If GTA and Halo are coming out around about the same time, I'd probably choose GTA and get Halo a month or so after.

With the recession not everyone wants to splash out £80/$120 on two games only.

Eiffel2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Why would I buy the same game a third time? Psh' give me Skyrim.

damnyouretall2570d ago

id rather get lost in skyrim for months. there are too many annoying shitasses in mw3, and im way over do for some serious gaming ME time. been a while and im super pumped for that

Spazz2570d ago

I can enjoy Skyrim for a long time to come with it's adventures and storytelling or get frustrated in CoD in less than a week with the racial 11 year olds that do nothing other than play the same game Activision remakes every year........I think my choice is made. Skyrim for the win.

jeseth2570d ago

The mute button is a wonderful creation. They are needed in ALL FPS games.

Its really hard to compare an FPS to an Open World one is right and no one is wrong in this "argument".

GoldenPheasant2569d ago

agree. as well this article is quite full of pants. But there is one point that I would like to bring out that, in my opinion, warrants teh modernz over the dragoonz. That is the very high likeability of Skyrim: GOTY edition coming out with all the DLC for 39.99 late next year.

Happened with Fallout. Happened with New Vegas, etc etc.