Which Retailer Benefits Gamers The Most? (Part 3: Amazon)

Trendy Gamers: In this feature, we will explore which video game retailer benefits gamers the most. The retailers we’ll be looking at are Best Buy, Game Stop, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. Todays retailer that we’ll look at is Amazon sells anything and everything you could find in a brick and mortar retail store. Among these are videogames and realizing the potential videogames have, they have tried to reel in more and more gamers.

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acronkyoung2298d ago

I love getting games for cheap off of Amazon.

TrendyGamers2298d ago

Yeah, buy 2 get 1 free right now is awesome.

cpayne932298d ago

No kidding, I just ordered Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, and bf3.

DarkBlood2298d ago

nice if only canada website version did this

Zechs342298d ago

That's a lot of bullets lol...

Those games will probably get you hundreds of hours of playtime...

Good choices!

TrendyGamers2298d ago

Wow, you are all set for months!

KingofGambling2298d ago

all great games, funny its all 3 sequels.

cpayne932298d ago

@KingofGambling there has been a lot of 3s this year, MW3 and Killzone 3 also.

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SovereignSnaKe2298d ago

-Well, I never thought i would say Kmart has been serving me QUITE WELL lately! :)

Kinetix2298d ago

Hands down amazon is my retailer of choice for video games. I got got bf3 for free bc I built up points on my credit card and then got a promo code of 20 beans on top of that which I used towards uncharted 3. I have a schoolboy crush on amazon.

Dac2u2298d ago

The article fails to mention a couple things. First, is that Amazon's prices are far better then described in the article. You can go into Walmart, Gamestop or Best Buy and more often then not, you'll be paying full retail price for most games, with an occasional sale here and there. Amazon does more than give just a couple dollars off each game, you'll find many, many prices that are $10+ cheaper than any of the other stores listed in the article. Since, Amazon is also a collection of stores, you'll often find better prices through their merchants if by chance the item you want is more expensive when Sold by Amazon.

Second, Amazon also has a trade-in service, but the bonus is that you get an Amazon gift card that lets you buy any non-downloadable merchandise. The only negative is that they don't offer many trade-in bonuses like other stores.

cpayne932298d ago

Very true, amazon's regular prices are almost always better than retail.