Skyrim officially goes gold

With launch days away, Skyrim has gone gold.

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Trainz2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

What's that suppose to mean?
I remember reading a few months back duke nukem forever has gone gold.

@Tomlnc Oh sweet thanks dude.

TomInc2573d ago

It's been approved in its final build and is ready for retail shipping.

PetitPiPi2573d ago

Doesn't going gold mean the master has been sent for stamping and silk screening/Off Set printing?

You should see this game on torrent sites within a few days. lol! freakin pirates!

SephirothX212573d ago

But I'm playing it now on 360. What build do I have?

Libertheme2573d ago

Finally!. My body is ready.

Lirky2573d ago

gone gold i always thought it meant the game ready to release instead of it being in its final build , final build would mean that the developers are still making finishing touches and that would cause delay because they wouldnt have time to burn-in the game image to the discs.

Larry L2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

It doesn't even exactly mean the final build of the game.

What it specifically means is that the final build of the game has been burned on to the "Gold disc". WHich is where the term comes from. It goes back to the days when music was on vinyl albums and the original record that all those vinyl copies were pressed from was literally made of gold. (it was only later that gold and platinum album became awards for sales in the music industry)

In the disc age, it's pretty much the same thing. When a video game (or music CD or home movie DVD or Blu-Ray) goes gold, the final game is put on a "Gold disc" by the developer and that "gold" disc is sent to the manufacturer and is the original that every single copy of the game we play is made from.

Basically for us the video game consumer, "Has Gone Gold" should read as "By The Time You Read This, Manufacturing for This Game Will Have Begun."

Disccordia2573d ago

Surely it went gold weeks ago! Warehouses will have been receiving stock already if it's out next week.

PetitPiPi2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Honestly, it doesn't take weeks to stamp, print & ship games. These suppliers run 24/7.

AngelicIceDiamond2573d ago

Now thats what I like to hear Going gold, my wood elf will be ready.

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