“F2P FTW!” DCUO Nets 330k New Users, Concurrent Usage Up 600%

After taking the risky decision to turn paid-for MMO DC Universe Online into a free-to-play game at the beginning of the month, many wondered if the strategy would breathe new life into the ailing game, or simply mean the loss of the remaining revenue from subscribers. Well, if the latest figures are anything to go by, it looks like the move has been very successful. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2595d ago

That's a lot, and I'm sure it'd be higher if people could download it on PS3 - their servers are so overwhelmed atm, it's hard.

MasterCornholio2594d ago

Can't wait till it's FTP on the ps3 as well.


GraveLord2594d ago

It's been FTP on PS3 since Tuesday.

Lifewish2595d ago

Lownloaded it but no time to play it right now.

Tachyon_Nova2594d ago

The real test is how many people stick around and start actively buying stuff, but off to a good start as a F2P game.

GrumpyVeteran2594d ago

Can anybody explain how this MMO's model will work as F2P? What is paid for, what isn't etc. How does it work?

younglj012594d ago

Cant explain it too you will have too check tha game out yourself.But I have too say I was quite surprise at tha gameplay.With tha amount of people you see flying/running I barely run into any lag.

Also tha police is very hardcore bitches keep killing me....

younglj012594d ago

Yeah its alot of new players.But for some reason tha people that had this game since tha beginning are bitching way too much.If it was for this F2P strategy DCUO probably wouldnt have lasted much longer.

Hopefully tha vets stop fucking complaining and just start kicking all tha low level asses.

Villian Young L see you in tha Universe....

IMChampion2594d ago

I gladly welcome new player, but when it stop me from playing the game I'm paying for its a problem. Yes I know its f2p and paying is an option, but I'd be getting less than half the game. That why I made the decision to quit.

I'm waaay more of a BF fan anyway.DCUO is fun, but these devs are idiots. I'll find out from friends in a month or 2 if the servers are better, but right now:
A) Servers crash
B) 4K spot in line result in 20 minutes wait...then the game loads indefinitely
C) Raiding is impossible because power cooldown and rolling are a no go
D) League and longtime vet friends retired the game as well.

It's only going to get worst this weekend.

Good luck DCUO, I want to come back.

younglj012594d ago

yea tha wait inline is a pain in tha ass but that just mean alot of people wanted this game but didnt like tha sub format which I understand.

Tbh I thought this game was going too suck.But after playing for a couple hours(most just flying/gliding)I'm shocked at tha detail of this game.

I climb too tha highest building and just glide across tha map I flew over atleast 5 battles between villians/heros.Only other game I can think about that have this much chaos is MAG....

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