Can Being Bizarre Elevate A Game to Greatness?

Most developers are fine with sticking to the status quo and making a game that does little to stand out. But what about the rare title that takes the risk at being strange? Can that unique sense of identity make a game better?

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brown0092596d ago

You brought up some good points.

xxxAnubisxxx2596d ago

It's called "Hype Factor"... even if it's terrible, if enough people think it's awesome because it has come crazy moments (Like the GTA series... sorry, the games aren't very good), then it will be a huge success. Apparently, slapping around hookers and running over pedestrians are more important than game design and gameplay.

CraigAA10282596d ago

Wait, you're saying that sleeping with hookers is a bad thing? I've been mislead

AntoineDcoolette2596d ago

slapping hookers and mowing down pedestrians are part of the game design and game play

Tanir2596d ago

i actually hated Shadow of the damned. it was annoying, not fun and the story was retarded (As is suda's stories) but this time not interesting like no more heroes.

only good quality is now i know steven blum can do a spanish accent very well

zerocrossing2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Glad I didn't pick Shadow of the damned up on release then, I'll have to check it out when it hits the bargain bin though probably worth knowing what all the fuss is about.

CraigAA10282596d ago

Shadows of the Damned isn't a great game, but without the bizarre elements no one would even know it exists. Strip all that away and it has nothing special to offer. The game was just weird and made you want to see what the hell else was coming up, which is the main draw for just about every Suda title

Tanir2596d ago

exactly craig. I rented it because it looked so odd, and suda makes some crazy stuff, but the gameplay was repetitive with only 3 guns, which the shotgun was garbage.

his wife getting killed all the time was funny the first or second time, but thats all that happened, story never progressed much and everything was just a joke, a bad joke at that


yeah good thing you didnt buy it, its worth a rent, but the small amount of enemy types, repetitive gameplay etc hurt it bad.

I hope never dead isnt as weird as this was