Skyrim: New Information That You May Be Interested In

GB : Skyrim is just about to release, and it has been almost 5 years since Oblivion came out. Skyrim will be a massive game, and a worthy successor to Oblivion, but there may be some minor things about the game that you may be interested in knowing before you embark on an epic journey.

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Kal8532601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Yes, as someone with ADD it's great to know that you can store up your perk points. I spent a couple hours mapping out my level 1 - 50 choices last night. Probably went through 15 draughts. My specialties will be Destruction, Restoration, Sneak, Archery, and One Handed. Seriously, I have Skyrim on the brain. It's turned into a fever, and the only prescription is more Skyrim. =*D

Jacks_Medulla2601d ago

I'm right there with you. I have an anatomy exam today, and Skyrim is making it very difficult to study for.

inveni02601d ago

I can understand being consumed when the game comes out...but being consumed a week ahead of time? Check your excitement at the door, folks.

Blackdeath_6632601d ago

same have asignments to do but i spent the whole day thinking of pre ordering the game. bank account still empty and cash wont do =(

aGameDeveloper2601d ago

Blackdeath, you should turn some tricks tonight to get cash for the game.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2601d ago

Glad they are allowing you to keep your points without spending them. I always hated how fallout would force you to choose, then the next minute you realize if you put your points into another area you might've been able to get past a certain part MUCH easier.

NukaCola2601d ago

Like lockpicking. I would put points into weapons, but walk to an area where I needed a higher picking level and be pissed. I do love the skill books though, added a temperary 10 points was a life saver.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2601d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, loved those books, but I hated how there was a level cap, because it meant you'd always lose out at a certain point. I mean I get the point, so you're not overpowered and good at everything but this is a single player experience, it should be fine if like after the initial levels it gets SIGNIFICANTLY harder to level, that'd make it fairer. I guess I just hate the whole make multiple characters in a 100+ hour game.

bozebo2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

"Do you like gore? We can all agree that for a game like Skyrim, it brings a lot of pressure being able to annihilate your enemies in the most brutual way imaginable, right? Before I get carried away, you must know that there is no option to turn off the gore.

“You cannot disable blood/gore in Skyrim. Sorry. My oldest kid is not happy he can’t play either,” Hines replied."

Hmm... so he is pretending that he agrees that a decal texture that spawns on the wall after you left click when facing an enemy within range is bad for young people to see...


bluegreenman2601d ago

seriously? The game starts off with a beheading, and there is already reports of being able to participate in cannibalism!! Oblivion was dark, but skyrim seems even darker. haha Remember the dark brotherhood in Oblivion? That is not kid friendly.

DOOMZ2601d ago

Whats crazy is I have friends on my LIVE friends list who are playing it already... I WANT IT!!!

SuperSaiyan42600d ago

It just went gold the other day pretty damn late but yeah unless they are playing the pirated version thats the only real answer...I friggin HATE PIRATES!

Pintheshadows2600d ago

No, I've had people playing it on mine as well who have had copies since last week. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

"unless they are playing the pirated version thats the only real answer...I friggin HATE PIRATES!"

Yeah, all reviewers are pirates.

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