Eidos Announces Deus Ex 3, Talks New Montreal Studio

Developer-publisher Eidos has revealed that its new studio in Montreal, Québec, first announced earlier this year, has opened its doors to the public, and the company is inaugurating the facility with the announcement of its first project: a third installment of the futuristic first person-shooter/RPG Deus Ex.

Gamasutra spoke to Eidos Montreal's general manager, former Ubisoft exec Stéphane D'Astous, about the studio's business plan and the new title.

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Winter47th3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

The best FPS/RPG i have ever played, and i played'em all.
Too bad Invisible War was nothing like the first one, it got consolized till it was nothing than a broken mess..

lynx1halo3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

A Tremendously great game on its first outing......however the ASSTACULAR Invisible War killed it for me....and now I wont touch their new game Deus Ex 3 even if it was free

Wii60_FTW3956d ago

Invisible War raped the sh1t out of the first game, so STFU n00bs.

ukilnme3956d ago

I agree. I played the first one on PC about two years after it was released and it was the best game I have ever played and I'm more of a console fanboy. I never played the second game so I can't speak on it. Is it worth checking out?

MK_Red3956d ago

Completely agreed. The original Deus Ex WAS an instant classic and one of the best RPGs ever. Second game was good but nowhere near that masterpiece. This is beyond great news.

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Winter47th3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Double post, jump'em over.

DaEnforcer3956d ago

I just hope it will be like the 1st one, was great game, one of my alltime favorites.

Skerj3956d ago

Dude, they BETTER had gotten rid of the unified ammo system from Invisible War, and please please bring back skill points, REAL augmentations, and REAL choices. I'm scared of where this could go without Warren Spector, but I'm hoping they learned from IW. Yes, I hated IW very much but the first remains my favorite first person game of all time.

malingenie3956d ago

YEah, No Warren Spector, no high hopes for me... but we'll see i'll remain cautiously optimistic. Deus Ex 1 FTMFW

BlackIceJoe3956d ago

This is great news even though I thought it was coming it is great to know now that it is official.

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The story is too old to be commented.