Killing Children to Spark Controversy

GameZone's Andrew Clouther gives a response to Modern Warfare 3's leaked video and tackles the prospect of killing children in different video games (Bioshock, Dead Island) to spark controversy.

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lifesanrpg2572d ago

Good article. There does seem to be an abundance of child death in video games lately. Now how do they top this?

Pralay2572d ago

The same goes for puppies! You can kill thousands of soldiers but as soon as there is one dead dog there is extreme sadness.

lifesanrpg2572d ago

Michael Vick sure stirred up some controversy

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2572d ago

So what's the rating for this game again?

Why are people crying about this all of a sudden. Same thing happens in an R rated movie. It's fake. It's "entertainment". And it has an age restriction.

Parents parenting correctly, and people in reality should have no problem with this part of the game.

Jayjayff2571d ago

I know i am very supportive of video games and movies being rated equally but.. it's not the same when you're the one taking the shoes of the killer i think it should be taken much more seriously when you're controlling the character.

Pralay2572d ago


Me-Time2572d ago



svoulis2572d ago

-_- Why does the media have to blow everything up.

The children aren't real maybe instead of picturing them as innocent children you can picture them as polygons with textures on them, HELL or even picture them as the 13 year old who keeps saying he wants to bang your mom on Xbox Live?

MasterD9192572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

This is why most games dont include children or allow you to attack them (FO3 comes to mind...)

sonicsidewinder2572d ago

You can kill kids in Deus Ex.

And what?

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