Xbox 360 faceplate for the girly gamers

Any chick gamer would say that they occasionally take a lot of nonsense from fellow gamers. This faceplate for the Xbox 360 is in direct response to that issue. It is the faceplate for every girl who's ever been asked 'Are you on your boyfriend's Xbox?'.

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Cat3888d ago

That it's pink, well, apparently all girls like pink. /sarc

I'm not sure why a girl would put this thing on her 360, shouldn't it be going to whatever whipped boyfriend just got owned at Halo?

cr33ping_death3888d ago

MART settle down MART......MART down, down i say. no need to scratch anyone to get to this. there should be plenty of these to go around. this should go well with your "flaming" personality.....if you know what i mean.

Syko3888d ago

The Pink would go nicely with a Red Ring.

jinn3888d ago

i think that scares the girls