BF3 – Physical Warfare Pack Available to All. How to Deal with Cheaters and View Server Status

MP1st - "We have some exciting new updates for you guys, as well as future fixes for Battlefield 3 that you can look forward to."

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Mister_V2568d ago

Ran into an "invincible guy" yesterday in a TDM match on the 360. Don't know if he was cheating or if it was just a glitch though.

DasBunker2568d ago

judging by how BF3 launched on consoles DICE should give us the back to karkalamayan for free...

Lavitz20122568d ago

Nice the servers do seem to be getting better.

Am i the only one who thinks the health is too low and they should have kept it like in BFBC2 what you guy's think??

Criminal2568d ago

I think the health in BF3 is almost spot on. Maybe a slight change will do, but I like it the way it is.

NeoTribe2568d ago

I wish there was a hardcore mode like in bfbc2. I want bullets to do more dmg.

VancIeef2568d ago


There is a hardcore mode. You have to select it on the filter when you are looking for servers.

SuperbVillain2568d ago

can you withstand more than 2 bullets in real life? doubt it.No changes needed to the health

DasBunker2568d ago

can you even take 1? going by your logic kills should be 1 hit kills or at least incapacitate.. i like how people claim xomg BF so realistic... but then they dont want it to go full realistic

SuperbVillain2568d ago

I would not mind 1 hit kills,but this isn't going to happen.If people think you die too quick in BF then they haven't played COD.

eak32568d ago

Totally agree.. Resistance 3 drove me nuts in that you could unload a clip on someone and they would still live. BF3's health is perfect if they get you up close your fucked but if your getting sprayed from far away still a bit of a chance to get to cover and survive.

Criminal2568d ago

I'm so happy about making the Physical Warfare pack available to everyone. I hate it when there are store exclusives.

eak32568d ago

It's just a ploy to get your to buy from a particular place. I wish they would stay exclusive to make it feel more special. Although if they make everyone else pay for the physical warfare pack then I wont mind.

A_Troll_From_Ign2568d ago

I just came off and a guy on the other team had 15000 points in about 3 minutes and going up 50 per second the whole match. I was jelouse

Criminal2568d ago

Remember to report him.

A_Troll_From_Ign2568d ago

I was to busy rofling haha NA good luck to him.

PetitPiPi2568d ago

rofling? "I was too busy rolling on the floor laughing-ing haha"?

lmao! Just bugging-ing. :P