Ubisoft: Rainbow 6 Patriots to "reclaim online leadership"

OXM UK: Ubisoft's new Rainbow 6 has its eye on Modern Warfare's crown.

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PetitPiPi2536d ago

Can't wait for this game! RAINBOW is back!!

StanLee2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Doubt it will. Call of Duty is just too accessible, just too large a community. Even if half of the Call of Duty community defects, it would still be larger than any other online community and the scary part is, it's growning. It's like cancer.

PetitPiPi2536d ago

I agree. There is no way Rainbow can compete with COD after all this time but i do believe it could do just as good as BF3 or better. I'm just happy they're making a Rainbow game.

Getowned2536d ago

no one can compete with cod but who cares! R6!!!!

mike_d_2536d ago

Yea CoD might rule the world for now,but the true Rainbow Six fans will always stick with it.No doubt it will take some players from CoD but still i hope the game is great.Rainbow Six series always took plenty of my time and sick days and i keep planning on doing that again when this releases.


Cod is the lady gaga of this Gen in terms of sales/popularity it can't be beaten. Of course every thing that's number 1 comes with haters but the haters are not even up to 1% compared to the 20Million+ people who don't care what the internet says.

Blaze9292536d ago

can't front, Rainbow Six used to be THE forefront before Modern Warfare. Can it reclaim a lot of the users it loss to call of duty? doubt it...

but at least Rainbow Six is back!

ThatIrishGamer2536d ago

Impossible. Vegas 2 had awful clunky controls an felt terrible. It also had the worst spawns of all time.

Getowned2536d ago

the controlls where good once you got use to them,I use to play online alot and I had a blast.

Mr Tretton2536d ago

" Vegas 2 had awful clunky controls an felt terrible. It also had the worst spawns of all time."

This is all very ironic considering your avatar.

Noticeably_FAT2536d ago

I don't think so. Mainly because people that like games like COD don't like slower games like Rainbow. I couldn't really get next to the way Vegas or Vegas 2 played, but I liked the campaigns well enough I guess.

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