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Has Steam saved PC gaming?

Has Steam saved PC gaming? Did PC gaming need saving in the first place? Goozernation thinks PC gaming needed a boost more then anything since everyone is turning to consoles as the "cheaper" gaming setup. Steam and other services such as GOG.com have provided this need boost. (Direct2Drive, Good Old Games, PC, Valve)

CrzyFooL  +   1277d ago
PC gaming didn't need saving.
pangitkqb  +   1276d ago
I don't think Steam has saved PC gaming. I think a better description would be that Steam has re-invigorated PC gaming.

I enjoy steam and the great community behind it. Last night when I was on there were 4 million others gaming on Steam as well.
papashango  +   1276d ago
Steam was the driving force for the evolution of pc gaming. There was nothing to be saved. Now due to the hard work and efforts of valve you got the douchebags at ea creating a split in the community for an extra buck
Saryk  +   1277d ago
The only problems I have with digital distribution are these:

I can’t trade my games.
What happens to your games when a company changes their agreement? AKA EA says that if I buy my games from them I can always download. Then Origins poops up and now they say they can stop the download at anytime. And if I do not accept the agreement I cannot play my games purchased prior to Origin.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1276d ago
You could never trade PC games before. They would always require an authorization code in the old days and what would prevent you from copying the game and the code, then trading the game and still play it? I guess you could do it with a friend that trusted you but otherwise, stores would never let you trade PC games in. There's really little difference now.
SlickShoes  +   1276d ago
I have never been able to trade in PC games as far as I can remember, so not being able to trade in games on a platform like steam is a non issue for most people.

The second hand market is primarily console games and always has been.
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Publicglutton  +   1276d ago
AAAAAHHHHHH NOT another "PC gaming is dying , save pc gaming " fucking bullshiT!!!
Agent_hitman  +   1276d ago
YEah gabe along with steam saved PC.
kevnb  +   1276d ago
it certainly changed it. Its now often more convenient to use steam then to pirate, with autoupdates and tools to defrag/check integrity. Not to mention once you buy a game its simple to download it again whenever you like without searching or worrying about trojans/viruses. Only negative, its almost killed retail.
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Veni Vidi Vici  +   1276d ago
I agree with you but retail is going to die eventually anyways- for consoles and PC. Eventually they'll all go to digital dist. so they can kill the trade industry.
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kevnb  +   1276d ago
thats true, blame gamestop for stacking their stores with 75% used games for only $5 less then new and getting away with it.
xYLeinen  +   1276d ago
It's going to kill gaming in Norway if they don't go back to GBP instead of freaking EURO.

Annoying that every game is about 10 EURO cheaper on direct2drive..
Erudito87  +   1276d ago
digital games are soo awesome only wish origin would be more competitive with their prices like steam

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