Metal Gear Solid HD Collection footage

Check out some new footage of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection footage.

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scofios2570d ago

Rememberd te late nights i had playing those games on my PS2.

jony_dols2570d ago

Peace Walkers textures don't look up to scratch with the 2 other HD ports.

I know its a PSP port but MGS3 really shows up its technical limitations. But hey at least its 60FPS!

MajorJackHoff2570d ago

Question I don't feel like researching because the internet can be a maze. Is this going to be available for download on PSN, or retail purchase only?

jony_dols2570d ago

Retail first & then each MGS title will get a PSN release later.

Also it's coming to PS Vita sometime in 2012.

DeadManMcCarthy2570d ago

Wow looks so frickin clear.

optimus2570d ago

i saw it at the store i go to the other day. make sense, i think all 3 would be to big as a download, especially because of the hd...if it were, it would probably take me a week to do it.

MasterCornholio2570d ago

Going to get it for the Vita. I wanted SnakeEater 3D before but this HD collection is a much better deal because it comes with multiple games.


cpayne932570d ago

Who would disagree with you? 40 for one game or 50 for three games, not to mention the original 2 metal gears. Much better deal.

Angerfist2570d ago

will be strange for me playing this with a Xbox Controller, i played MGS3 back then on PS2 and i remember that it came a day before GT4 in Germany, that was crazy, i didnt know what to play first^^ now im mostly getting this for Snake Eater, cant wait to play it again, such a memorable Game.

n4gisatroll2570d ago

It is coming to ps3 as well ;)

Angerfist2570d ago

I know and i would get it for PS3 but it broke down a while ago and i only get a PS3 after Christmas :(

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