Nintendo denies faking Wii demand stories

Nintendo says there is "absolutely no truth" behind reports that it could be feeding media with stories to accentuate hype about the demand for its sold-out Wii console.

Speculation arose when a report regarding families paying over the odds for the highly sought-after console appeared in identical form in two totally different UK newspapers.

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Neurotoxin3951d ago


Even if it were true nobody actually believes they would admit it.

It would be like the Bush Administration admitting that the sole reason they are in the middle east is for Oil!!... Not likely ;).

BrotherNick3951d ago

There's proof for the Bush Administration's interests in the Middle East, not that Nintendo is making fake hype. So in essence you can't compare the two till there is proof.

Neurotoxin3951d ago

Yeah i know its not a very fair comparison, Seems logic just flew out the window on my comment ;).

BrotherNick3951d ago

Yeah, it's actually funny how I got a disagree on that.

hardcorehippiez3951d ago

evry1 is caught up in the 360 vs ps3 situation that they might have thought they could have got away with it . just a theory lol

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YoMeViet3951d ago

I don't think there's much effort into making a Wii, considering its small, has less components, and it doesn't seem to be a shortage of parts. Compared to the PS3 and 360 the Wii should be the easiest to produce and ship.

BrotherNick3951d ago

Who knows lol, they could also have trouble finding good manufacturing facilities. It's not just components, you need factories to make them.

rofldings3951d ago

They've had a year - with massive profits for selling it overpriced/hyped crap.

BrotherNick3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

haha, maybe they are using the money for developing and purchasing exclusives for the wii instead of making more wiis. Some of it I bet is prolly pocketed. They are a business, businesses intend to make money.

rofldings3951d ago

What games? Escape from bug island?

BrotherNick3951d ago

Haha Rofldings, I don't mean games now, In the future. That's prolly how they got monster hunter.

rofldings3951d ago

Ok. What does securing exclusives have to do with how many $hit-iis they can produce. Unless everything is run by one person, the work would be split up.

The $hitii shortage is a sham.

BrotherNick3951d ago

Have you ever managed resources rofldings? You spend money in categories while not spending in others, it's their choice, their money. It takes money to make wiis, buy exclusives, run facilities, and make games. It's like us gamers, we put a specific amount of money to purchase games, and to buy food, pay rent, etc. It's the same for nintendo but on a bigger level.

rofldings3951d ago

Sux for Nintendo then, Sony and Microsoft can sell their consoles for a loss, make plenty of them with more powerful and advanced specifications, and can still buy exclusives/publish games.

whoelse3951d ago

I think Nintendo is making Wiis at a slow rate on purpose. I mean the PS3 has no problems, yes i know its not selling as much but it has a Blu-ray player and a cell broadband engine. Whats so special inside the Wii. Nothing. ANd the controller isnt that hard to manufacture.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3951d ago

They are faking Wii shortage and keeping Wiis in a store house to build hype and demand for xmas.

+ Wii is super cheap and easy to make.

ChickeyCantor3951d ago

You still need a proper amount of wiis a month, and its obvious its on high demand.

Danja3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

HHMM Sidar we meet are yah..?

plz take the Wii-Mote out ur arse and you'll probably see that what everyone in here is saying makes sense ...Nintendo is holding back generate hype that the Wii is scarce...Nintendo is milking the Wii hype right now..besides there's so much unsold Gamecube from Last gen that all they have to do is spray them white and add a Wii mote in the box..problem solved..!!

ChickeyCantor3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

The Wii mote isn't in place, its just retarded to think they are holding back, from a business perspective, its about money.....holding back wiis would only harm them.

your ignorance can be found in your statement: " besides there's so much unsold Gamecube from Last gen that all they have to do is spray them white and add a Wii mote in the box"

in other words: its a gamecube right?
that already shows your fanboyism, maybe you should take the ps3 or 360 out of your @ss, unless you love it there.

im not a nintendo fanboy, its just bad business, Nintendo already made it trough the hype, you really think they need to hype it more?
they dont need hype anymore. The Wii is selling, so holding back Wii's will only harm them from a business point, and why do they wanna do that ? especially when christmas is coming?
X.mas = bling bling

if you havnt realized it yet: companys stand ground because they have money, without it they collaps. SO yess after 2 failures on selling their consoles you really think they need a nother one

a retard like you wouldnt understand that.

Danja3951d ago

UHH sure Nintendo...there's no new technlogy in the box..but yet you can't go out and do what Sony does find more quality factories to make a Wii...uhh no..becuase if they do that there will be ample amount of Wii's for everyone and demand will drop monthly..and there won't be any coverage about how no-one can find a Wii...

BloodySinner3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Nintendo is full of shіt. Repackaging GameCube hardware in a new case is not a difficult thing. They're are just continuing to generate hype. Until that dies down, then they'll come out in the open and say something along the lines of...

"We are determined to meet consumer demand and Wii consoles will be able and consumers will be able to run down to the store and pick one up with no hassle."

Keep up the bullshіt, Nintendo. Because I sure hope it's your downfall.

ChickeyCantor3951d ago

And thats why you will never leave your basement.

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