New iOS Game Mystery Ball Embraces Apple’s iCloud

Red Nova Labs game developer David Howe wanted a way to allow players of his new iOS game Mystery Ball to be able to stop playing the game on one device – say their iPhone – and pick it back up where they left off several days later on a different device – let’s say the iPad.

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CatSanderson2600d ago

And it embraces my time and productivity!

Scenarist2600d ago

game looks fun ... im buying this now since its only .99

davidbhowe2600d ago

Thanks for checking out the game! It's completely absorbed the last six months of my life... I would really appreciate to hear any feedback you all have! I tried to model the gameplay between a mix of a standard ball rolling game and Mario 64. Swipe controls instead of accelerometer should give you a fun, new way to play this type of game. Let me know what you think!

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The story is too old to be commented.