Toshiba's Latest Notebook Targets Gamers

Toshiba of Canada Ltd. is targeted gamers with its new notebook PC, the Satellite X200, which boasts features like an NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 512MB VRAM video card with NVIDIA SLI technology that is said to offer up to twice the graphics performance of a standard gaming processing unit (GPU). The notebook also includes NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology, and an HD DVD ROM drive for playback of high-definition content. Five Harmon/Kardon speakers and a built in sub complement the package.

Finished in carmine red, the X200 is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 processor, and comes equipped with 2 GB of DDR2, a 300 GB hard drive, wireless capabilities, and an integrated 1.3 MP web camera. It is RoHS-compliant via restricting the use of lead, mercury, and other substances.

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mighty_douche3833d ago

a PC gamer will NEVER buy a laptop. even if the spec was amazing, you get the same spec desktop for half the price. plus who wants to use a 17" screen anymore?

gEnKiE3833d ago

maybe somebody that doesn't want to cart around a bunch of crap to lan parties or people that travel a lot that want to play games on the move. I would love a gaming laptop...but i don't want to pay an a$$load for one.

Skerj3833d ago

I'd actually pick that up, only because I travel a lot and having a gaming capable laptop is very welcome when I'm thousands of miles away from home and I have to carry a laptop with me to begin with. Airports, planes, and hotel conference rooms are a lot less boring then. But I'm thinking of upgrading to one of the new Alienware books though.

Lotto3833d ago

Gaming laptops sucks imo. It cant have the same hardware as a PC and it gets hot as hell

f7ss13833d ago

i dont think id ever buy somthing like this because
1) It has a HD DVD drive
2) Its a laptop
3) It has an outdated graphics card

gta_cb3833d ago

1) thats your opinion but you wont notice the difference BluRay vs HD-DVD
2)..... if your not going to buy a laptop then why say no.1/3
3) it is one of the best GPUs you can get in a laptop.

but yeah i still had to press agree because when comparing it to a desktop PC you are wasting your money on this UNLESS you have a reason like traveling etc

FF7numba13833d ago

I wouldn't call 8600gt outdated. it runs bioshock and gears. Theres a laptop in Europe that has 8800M.

BIoodmask3833d ago

I am into PC gaming but have never owned a laptop. Are the higher end GPUs for the laptops comparable to the higher end PC desktop GPUs?? Or are they even available in laptop versions for that matter??

Rooted_Dust3833d ago

I believe they said this GPU would run Crysis at about Medium settings. That also means that you could run most other games at near high settings.

moses3833d ago

But overly expensive. The brand name really inflates the price, you can go to sites like Cyberpowerpc or Ibuypower and get a much better laptop for much less.