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"Sonic Team have finally crafted an original game that is enjoyable to play whilst retaining a sense of what made us fall in love with their most famous creation. A breath of fresh air, this is the best game Sonic has appeared in since Sonic CD. That should provide you with more than enough encouragement to give it a whirl."

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Antholex2601d ago

Great review, definitely made me interested in picking up Generations.

SoapShoes2601d ago

I got it because the PS3 version on Amazon is $37.49!! Pick it up while you can at that price!

GodisaGeek2601d ago

Thanks for the kind words!

JebusF2601d ago

Love this game. It took them bloody long enough though, thank goodness a great Sonic game is finally here.

gumgum992601d ago

Indeed, this is such an epic game. I'm roughly halfway through, but one of the things I'm really liking outside the gameplay and levels is the music. They really outdone themselves with some of the tunes here. The synth stuff for Classic Sonic is all kinds of eargasm.

JebusF2601d ago

The music really is ace, so nostalgic, yet feels new.

Love it!