Five Sequels We'll Probably Never Get

Usually, when a game is successful, developers don't think twice before starting work on a sequel to squeeze even more money from gamers' pockets, and that isn't a bad thing, gamers are happy, they're happy, everything is great. But there have been some fantastic video games throughout the years that haven't been as lucky, and here's a few of them.

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Boink3886d ago

but I would love a sequel to crackdown. I though it was a great, fun game, but it just left me wanting to play more, and there is so much more depth they could add to it.

Gamingisfornerds3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

It was fun, but it had so much more potential, it isn't even funny anymore. MS rushed it out of the door as usual and prevented this game from getting definite AAA status.

If only they had implemented a decent SP campaign with a proper story atleast and some more varied missions/gameplay possibilities and it would have gotten solid 9's all over, I'm sure.

That said, the team behind this game is working on 2 other games, and hopefully one of them will expand on the potential Crackdown provided.

On a side note: I'm still waiting for my XIII sequel, Ubisoft! :(

Xi3886d ago

had they done more comic book type things, like boss battles to vary up the gameplay it would've been gold. I'd love to battle a giant robot in the city, or attempt to stop riots and such. I hope they make a new one, the twist at the end was awesome.

witchking3886d ago

Crackdown is definitely in my top 50 games of all time. The one thing it had in spades: FUN. Just simply a wonderfully fun game.

Relientk773886d ago

i want to see a sequel to Vagrant Story like they said...

um others? ...

a sequel to Rogue Galaxy which was on PS2

A sequel to Tactics Ogre (PS1)

Sequel to Legend of Dragoon (PS1)

another sequel to the Grandia series, Grandia 2 was amazing Grandia 3 was pretty good but i still think 2 was better .. so lets see Grandia 4

idk thats all i really can think of at the moment

^ i just realized i listened all RPGs


Kenshin_BATT0USAI3886d ago

Grandia 2 = 4th best rpg I have ever played, though last boss was insanly easy. (killed him without him even attacking)

Relientk773886d ago

if u dont mind me asking what r some of ur other top RPGs u played?

Grandia 2 for me is prolly top 2 or 3

ben hates you3886d ago

Want a prequel to the game knights of the old republic, when malak and revan are padawans that would be awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.