In-depth Review: Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Electronic Theatre

British studio Team 17 committed themselves to developing titles intended for digital delivery only early on in the lifespan of the current-generation of consoles, the consumer expectation that they would continue to innovate within a modern channel. That hasn’t really been the case thus far, with the only original invention from the studio being the Alien Breed episodic series, which itself was based on a long-dead Team 17 franchise. Aside from that science-fiction sidestep, what have we seen from Team 17? Worms. What else?

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Gamerita2597d ago

i like them to stick to what they do best & that is making WORMS 2D games.

ultimate mayhem is very poor game,i personally hate 3D worm games.

Tanir2597d ago

i actually LOVE the 3d ones aswell as the 2d ones. the 3d ones to me were a fun twist, and it could add a ton of strategy. example, using a girder to make a massive bridge upward to escape from the drowned level.

sealing an enemy in a hole with a girder to trap them while the water rises. to me it was so much fun, but instead of re-releasing the old ones they should make a new one. sick of their re releases of the 2d ones and 3d ones honestly, and that golf game, wtf?