Modern Warfare 3 Fan Pays $1,725 US Dollars For A 4-Day-Headstart had Modern Warfare 3 for Xbox 360. Yesterday an auction was ended by the successful bidding of $1,725 US Dollars. Check the story!

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WetN00dle692594d ago

And watch him get the game on release date...........LMFAO!

Agent Smith2594d ago

Pretty sad. You know how much Mickey D's you can buy with that kind of money?

thong_pounder2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

well he can trade it in at gamestop for $30 if he doesn't like the game

crxss2593d ago

really? a mw3 torrent came out 2 days ago, should just pirate it if you really can't wait. pirating fines might be more than $1725 though, maybe. I wouldn't know cause I've never pirated a game/been caught.

HSx92593d ago


First time offenders get a warning, I believe you get 2-3 warnings by your ISP for downloading illegal stuff, and then they will charge you a fine.

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StanLee2594d ago

I've seen many desperate fans do some stupid things but this is just ridiculous.

darthv722594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

you mean like this:

Sometimes people will pay through the nose to be better than the next guy.

mike_d_2594d ago

But then again everyone has their own thing.I don't blame him,if you have the money to blow,spend it however you like,it's YOUR money.

cannon88002594d ago

Just wait. one day some desperate fan will offer sex or something just so they can play the game before it comes out. lol

vickers5002594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )


Already been done (not quite with a video game though):

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lelo2play2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

He plays early... and gets his console banned.

omi25p2594d ago

He plays the multiplayer early. But then when he logs on he realises no one else is playing because no one else has the game

theonlylolking2594d ago

No, activision has been giving people copies of the game early.

ATi_Elite2594d ago

Not if they used Fed Ex.....then he will get the game a day after release day and the disc will be damaged.

princejb1342594d ago

i know the seller is happy, he probably bought a few more copies of the game to see if any more other idiots will buy it around that price

egidem2594d ago

Under no circumstances can Modern Warfare 3 be worth $1,725 or any other video game for that matter of fact. What makes this even more ridiculous is it's just 4 stinkin' days!

I would've understood if this was for something rare and hard to find (like a brand new backwards compatible launch PS3 under $500). But this is only for a freaking 96 hour headstart?

I'm sorry but that's just naive and DUMB. Within 4 days millions will have the same copy as his. 4 day headstart doesn't make it any special at all. People will rub it in his face that all they had to do was wait for 96 hours, and get the same copy for a whooping $1665 less!

Spenok2594d ago

Not only that... but is the mp even up yet?

If so then good luck finding anyone else to play with. (i got U3 early 5 days early...along with many others, and was not able to find an mp game for the life of me.)

And If not then I feel sorry he paid that much just for an early head start on what I expect to be not a great story. (i have personally disliked all the MW stories.)

perdie2594d ago

@Spenok you do realize that you couldn't find a game was because people where playing the uncharted 3 MP, but they where playing the subway one

Parasyte2593d ago

$10,000 is the current bid?! WTF is wrong with people?! Seriously a case of more money than common sense!

Imalwaysright2593d ago

I know its the bidder's money but that to me is just downright immoral. Imagine how many people in need he/she could help with those $ 10.000 and all for the sake of playing a game a few days early.

LackTrue4K2593d ago

that would sooo hurt, getting the game a day after cuz of bad weather. lol....

WetN00dle692593d ago

lol, that be messed up!
Who knows, that might actually happen.

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Dart892594d ago

Wow,talk about being desperate what does he win for having it early??I bet the seller is probably laughing his @$$ off at this retard he couldn't wait 4 more days for it.

darthv722594d ago

the bragging rights for having it first and the claim to fame on the internet for everyone to poke fun at.

cannon88002594d ago

The two people who disagreed are either retarded or they have lost the sense of the ridiculous.

cannon88002594d ago

yep you've lost it for sure.

achmetha2594d ago

no it's actually the guy who bought it making many accounts because he realized he's an idiot.

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BeaArthur2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

4 day head start with nobody to play with/against.

BeaArthur2594d ago

That's not what I mean. How many people do you think are going to have this game before Monday? That's even assuming the package arrives before then.

optimus2594d ago

I usually get my games early and I haven't been banned, but all it takes is 1 game I guess so maybe I just won't log into my account this time. I'm sure the single player will keep me busy for a few days; don't really care for multiplayer anyway.

MakiManPR2594d ago

U forgot the ones that pirated it

BeaArthur2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

duplicate glitch