Infinity Ward on MW3's "No Russian" equivalent: mainstream viewers will "pass right over it"

OXM UK: "A lot of media outlets play things up," says MW3 producer.

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dirigiblebill2448d ago

Bullseye. Save for a minority, people only give a crap about this when papers like the Daily Mail force them to give a crap.

360ICE2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Yeah, the other day I chose to ignore some of the headlines in the daily mail and before I knew it two guys from daily mail arrived at my house and threatened to break my knees if I didn't care.

I don't remember, but it was something about encouraging someone to ban something.

BlitzAK2448d ago

Wtf care about what?? What headline?

dirigiblebill2448d ago

A scene from MW3 leaked today. Women and children get shot.

360ICE2448d ago

That sounds cool as ice.
Or just plain terrible, depending on your view on violence.

CarlosX3602447d ago

Thanks for spoiling it for me.

dirigiblebill2447d ago

I know, people getting shot in a Call of Duty game. Who'd have thought? ;)

Don't worry, it's not a key plot thing. Though it does happen in the context of some key plot things.