Rumour: Grand Theft Auto V To Release In June 2012

Walmart sure is fast. Even before any details were revealed, besides a mere trailer, pre-ordering Grand Theft Auto V is now possible. And according to it's site, the copy of the game should begin shipping on the 1st of June (6/1/2012).

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Bleach2233d ago

I can't get enough of all these GTAV rumors, GTA IS BACK BABY!!!

Vip3r2233d ago

I hope so. I want at least 6 months play before the world ends.

omi25p2233d ago

I thought the world ended 1/1/2012 At 00:00am

ainsz2233d ago

I don't know if you're joking but the predicted date is 21/12/2012, its gonna be great.

Pintheshadows2233d ago

@rioking I know Americans like to think they are the centre of the world but putting the month before the date is just illogical.

Trainz2233d ago

Don't worry the governments hired Chuck Norris to protect the earth from planet nibru and the solar flares.

Darkfiber2233d ago

Yeah, because those dates can ALWAYS be trusted.

barb_wire2233d ago

I'd think more like Oct 2012, I really don't see R* releasing it in the summer.

omi25p2233d ago

They released Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire in Spring/Summer time

SoapShoes2233d ago

Well GTA4 was released in April. I could see them doing that and I think it would be a good decision since summer is usually dry and it would make for virtually no competition.

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