GTA V's stunning graphics compared to San Andreas and iCEnhanced GTA IV

It's probably not fair to compare the original and vanilla San Andreas with GTA V. So a website compared GTA V with screenshots from two mod projects. The first one is San Andreas pimped by a DX10 render path and the other one is a SA mod for the RAGE engine used in GTA IV. Interesting comparison.

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2570d ago
SKUD2570d ago

I can't even imagine how the PC mod crowed are gonna enhance this version visually. Push those CPU+GPU's to the limit.

YodaCracker2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

It still blows me away how much detail Rockstar has been putting into their environments since GTA IV, and now more than ever with GTA V. There is so much intricate detail in every square foot of the city, it really brings the world alive like no other open world game.