PS3 Systems Are In Abundance Post Black Friday

The Bitbag writes, "Well Black Friday is passed and if tradition serves correctly, it's the day that sets the trends for the holidays. How was the console war affected by Black Friday? Word on the streets is that Wii's are still hard to find, Xbox Premium and Elite systems are nowhere to be found and PS3 systems are everywhere, yet still selling."

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Myth3886d ago

there are plenty of Xbox 360 Arcade models still out? He's not saying all 360's are hard to find so i guess so.

Snukadaman3886d ago

also they cant seem too get rid of those halo themed xboxes...theres also 8 boxes of limited halo3 helmets I seen also.

unlimited3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I never seen any 360 at all.i think microsoft didnt ship as many to retail stores.. .I only see ps3 stack outside while the 360 is locked in the cage..i hate one of these ps3 isnt selling crap..when the truth is that is doing just fine..

Edit- Sony is getting as many ps3 out there so dont have to deal with supply time is where the sales start booming..

sonarus3885d ago

I know 10 of my friends that bought ps3's on friday and am not exaggerating not 9 not 11 about 10. They are just entering into high def gaming and now am tryin 2 convince em 2 get hd-tv's to play it in its glorious form

lawman11083885d ago

Hundreds of PS3's 8 Arcade and 20 HALO3 edtions no "pros" or Elites at all

Gamespot-equals-EGM3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Just kidding. So what? Sony and the ps3 will be fine. Besides, even at $400 the ps3 isn't exactly cheap.

BTW, people need to remember, the ps3 is fighting two hardware battles at once:
#1- the console battle
#2- the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD battle

In the console race, Sony is lagging a bit (but not too bad IMO) but in the HD-DVD battle, Sony is thrashing the competition.

Don't be surprised if the next Xbox and/or the next Wii have blu-ray drives in them.

Real Gambler3885d ago

Black friday is all about finding awesome bargain sales everywhere. Prices getting cut in half for some items. People getting in line at 5:00 a.m. to pick up those half price items.

And then, we get this article, showing the PS3 at a true bargain price of $399.99. Wow, that's the regular price. I don't see people lining up for that at 5:00 a.m. In fact, in my area, none of the consoles, or even console games were on sale (at least no games I din't had already!) So basically, whatever was on the shelf at 5:00 a.m. was still there at the end of the day. But everything that was on sale at half price was gone 5 minutes after the opening. I've seen pallets melting away in front of me.

Well, I saw somemody, in line, buying a PS3 remote, so I guess I should have checked the BluRay section, but didn't want to loose my place in line at the cash : )

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Darkiewonder3886d ago

The best buy 10 minutes from my house. 360/ps3 were nicely stocked, Wii, probably none there after they sold the 5 they had in stock but everyone else were flocking over the other electronics [e.g. cameras/camcorder and HDTV]

ktchong3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

I knew that's the backward-compatible model. I actually wanted to buy it... if it was below $399, given that it only has a couple of good exclusives I want to play right now. So I asked the store assistant how much was it, and he told me it's $499. Screw that. I walked away. I ended up buying a pair of Nikon SLR lenses that cost me over $1,000 (not from Best Buy, but Sammy's.)

I went back to Best Buy on Sunday... and the 60GB stack was still there. I wouldn't touch the 40GB.

BSigel813886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Sony did a great job on the supply issue, it just needed a real good price drop to really compete with the other consoles(to make someone decide which console they are interested in more). Me I got a 60gb in January and I still don't have problems, the hardware is flawless. So, I am not surprised that it is still selling like it is, props to Sony for putting out high quality products.

Edit: I know my words are not confusing, because I said to me this is very good news I could careless what the xbots have to say. Mind you I didn't jump on the 360 or the wii I was just stating my opinion.

actas1233885d ago

I agree with you. I was one of the first people on the line at best buy and one of the first people to get in. There were two big ballets of PS3s in the middle and the total number of the xbox 360 units were all almost one fourth of the number of the PS3s... I went back to best buy at around 2 pm and half the PS3s are gone, also the most of the xboxs were gone as well... But I believe PS3 sold more than xbob360... And, oh , they only had 5 elite units, I counted them..

Rooftrellen3885d ago

I give you bubbles for not attacking the other consoles.

I disagree that its a good thing for Sony to still have tons of supply, but that you didn't say the 360 sucks, the Wii is last gen, or end your comment with "P L A Y B 3 Y O N D" makes me want to give you bubbles!

mighty_douche3886d ago

no consoles available = bad news...

console available = bad news...

what do you have to do for it to be good?

PS360WII3886d ago

now-a-days? Well according to the press not having Playstation written on it :(

Boink3886d ago

poor sony, still making up for their arrogance @ E3'06

Andronicus3885d ago

i hear everyone who has no valid argument points spew this BS. welcome to the list

kidrobot3885d ago

Read My Nickname Bruh... It Was Made For Ppl Like You, I'm Sorry I Meant For "LOSERS LIKE YOU"

PS: If You Don't Have Anythin' Productive To Say Keep Your Mouth[Fingers] Shut[Away From Tha Keyboard]

FF7numba13885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

poor sony, naw not really. They deserve all the attention they get whether it be negative or positive. After all sony is market leader when it comes to gaming.(pc not including)
well daishi, add up the ps2+ps3+psp> wii+DS.

Daishi3885d ago

"Sony is market leader when it comes to gaming" you mean Nintendo right? Cause last time I checked the DS is the fastest selling system of all time.

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solar3886d ago

so some tool went to stores in his area, says what he sees and this is news? what the hell...who approves this garbage?

kspraydad3886d ago

And his last bit is awesome Wii>X360>PS3 "You heard it here first".

Yep...took a genius to figure that out.

I'll do my duty and report this as lame. Anyone else?

THE_JUDGE3885d ago

this "word on the street" bs is freaking stupid. This post should have been considered less than a forum post. Its not even a rumor or anything, its sad what people approve now a days.