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Sean, GamerEuphoria writes: "The premise of Uncharted 3 remains in the same vein as the previous instalments with players taking the role of the modern day Indiana Jones like Nathan Drake. Joined by fan favourites Sully and Chloe (along with some new characters and reappearances of familiar favourites making appearance later on) the story see’s past events in Drakes and Sully’s life come back to haunt them during their latest adventure. The game’s plot still heavily revolves around Sir Francis Drake exploits and Drakes fascination with his ancestor’s adventures"

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supremacy2537d ago

Man it just keeps going strong. All these perfects.

Jury2537d ago

this game is amazing. I'm loving it. Really happy I didn't get any spoilers.

GamerEuphoria2537d ago

We try our hardest to avoid any kind of spoilers from appearing in reviews ;)

PS3gamer4life2537d ago

Theres nun wrong with the aim yall just complaining stfu dam u go still play it right?

CynicalVision2537d ago

It's funny how nobody brought up the aiming until that article was posted the other day, now suddenly everyone has a "problem" with the aiming.

GamerEuphoria2537d ago

I think it's just a ripple effect, either way it starts decent banter over what is one of the best games this gen. Silver linings and all that :D

Papertiger2537d ago

Its called grasping at straws. They've got to harp on a negative somehow.

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