Steven Spielberg Turned Down Assassin's Creed Movie

Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks Studios turned down the opportunity to make an amazing movie, an Assassins Creed Movie!

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LarVanian2572d ago

They should try and get Ridley Scott to direct it. He has proven himself as a master of both period and science-fiction films. He'd be perfect for Assassin's Creed.

jony_dols2572d ago

So we can have a Kingdom of Heaven with a sci-fi twist?

Yawn, no thanks.

LarVanian2572d ago

I take it you have never seen Gladiator or Blade Runner going by the fact that you are judging Ridley Scott solely on one of his weakest films.

jony_dols2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

No, I'm judging it on Ridley Scott's previous attempt at a film set during the Crusades. Which is the timeline & setting that an AC would likely to be set.

It is not a criticism of his skill as a director.

LarVanian2572d ago

The problem with KOH, IMO, was that it had bad writing and a pretty bad, historically unreliable story. Scott's direction, however, was quite good. He had a great cast, good set pieces and costume design, which is why I think he'd make a good Assassin's Creed movie provided that it has a decent script.

BushLitter2572d ago

I think Christopher Nolan would be perfect for this movie. Think Inception, Memento and the Prestige

He has shown that he can tackle all the aspects needed to make a great Assassin's movie

That aside, I'm glad to see that Ubisoft is retaining so much of the control in the making of this movie, especially the casting.

Things are looking promising, just need to add Nolan to the mix

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andron2572d ago

I doubt Hollywood will make this movie. The religious content will probably be a concern for any big studio. And to be profitable they'd make it a PG-13 downplaying the violence. So I think the chances of a good big screen adaptation of AC isn't likely...

iamnsuperman2572d ago

I do not agree withthe religous content. This is like it was when life of brain came out. I do agree that it will be made less violent to make it profitable. To make a good ac film it would require a big investment and also ac isn't exactly a big name with non gamers.

RastafariPrime2572d ago

Umm, does Angels and Demons or DaVinci Code ring any bells? Dogma? Golden Compass even?

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MasterD9192572d ago

This is a good thing...AC needs to not be PG

ironfist922571d ago

Ridley Scott or Christopher Nolan.

If not one of them, then dont bother.